AppWorks Gateway

The AppWorks Gateway is the server element and main component of OpenText's Enterprise Application Development and Management Platform. It allows you to create API facades to external repositories, as well as deploy and manage apps in AppWorks clients.

The AppWorks Gateway is offered for free for up to 10 users in a non-production environment. The free version obtained from this site is not supported by OpenText Customer Services. It is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. Please do not contact the Customer Services team unless you have purchased AppWorks licenses or are using AppWorks embedded in OpenText products such as OpenText ECM Everywhere or Tempo Box. Please use the AppWorks Developer user forums for all your queries related to the AppWorks product and developing Enterprise Applications with it.

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions and the End User License Agreement.

The minimum requirements for the AppWorks Gateway are Apache Tomcat 8.0, with Java SE Development Kit 8. AppWorks Gateway 16.7.0 supports Apache Tomcat 8.5.46 and 9.0.26 with JDK 8.0. and OpenJDK 11 with Tomcat 9.

You can download the AppWorks Gateway and Desktop Client installation packages below.

For other OpenText products that use AppWorks Gateway make sure you check the AppWorks Gateway release notes via the link below and also the OpenText Product compatibility matrix referenced therein to ensure they are compatible

Previous Releases

Are you looking for a particular version of the AppWorks Gateway? Please check out the list of previous releases.

AppWorks Managed Runtime Clients

The AppWorks Managed Runtime Clients are small native clients that make your HTML5 applications available on mobile devices and desktop computers. The current release is version 16.7.0

Google Android
Install 'AppWorks Client for Android' from Google Play on your mobile device.

AppWorks Client on Google Play

Apple iOS
Install 'AppWorks Client for iOS' from the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

AppWorks Client on the Apple App Store