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AppWorks Developer is OpenText's Developer Network, the primary resource for all developers, who wish to create cross-platform Enterprise Applications with AppWorks.

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Welcome to AppWorks Developer!

You have arrived at AppWorks Developer, your first point of call if you are looking to create cross-platform applications with AppWorks, OpenText’s innovative and powerful Enterprise Application Development platform. We hope that you will find that AppWorks Developer is instrumental in helping you to learn about creating, deploying and managing your own Enterprise Applications that connect to OpenText EIM services through AppWorks, from all platforms.

The AppWorks Gateway delivers a common RESTful Web Services API for any of OpenText's products, and has been combined with central application management, which allows you to install and update applications, and wipe off-line content through an easy-to-use administration tool. AppWorks allows you to maximize your EIM investments by creating new, highly focused solutions for your users or by modernizing your existing applications to extend to mobile devices.

AppWorks Developer is OpenText's new Developer Network that was built as an AppWorks showcase app. It has been created using state-of-the-art web technologies and is available on web and mobile devices. It uses the AppWorks API to access the OpenText EIM Suite.

A good place to check out first is our introduction to AppWorks. From there, AppWorks Developer gives you access to a range of articles, API reference material, sample applications and user forums.

The AppWorks Gateway Online Help can be found on the network as well. You can even download the AppWorks Gateway software directly from AppWorks Developer.

OpenText's new Developer Network is aimed at making the development of Enterprise Apps quickly and easily. It is targeted at OpenText partners and customers as well as any developer with an interest in the OpenText EIM Suite.

As you may have already found out, there is lots of good content available that doesn't require an account. If you want to contribute to the users forums, you will need to login.

If you have a Knowledge Center or OpenText Online account, you do not need to register again as you already have an account. Please sign in with your usual OpenText user ID and password.

If you are not an existing user, simply follow the “Need an account?” link in the login box.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions related to AppWorks Developer, please feel free to contact us directly at

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I don't understand why this introduction is so wordy. Is AppWorks Developer a forum that facilitates partners and subscribers to use the REST interfaces to various OpenText products or not? Because that's what all this text seems to imply and yet I feel like I'm just guessing.

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