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In this article we provide a list of links to documentation, downloads and the developer libraries that make up the AppWorks ecosystem. Readers should be able to find the relevant information across the platform quickly.

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AppWorks Quick Start Resources

The OpenText developer portal has a lot of material, but we also have documentation and open source libraries/examples on GitHub, NPM and Maven Central.

AppWorks White Paper

The AppWorks White Paper provides a technical introduction to the AppWorks Application Platform.

AppWorks Clients

The mobile clients are available in the public App and Play Stores.

The desktop client can be downloaded via the developer site, see AppWorks Downloads. You will need to be logged in to perform the download.

Mobile Clients

Desktop Clients

AppWorks Gateway

Please review the installation information. A quick start option is available that will use an embedded database and an OTDS instance. This is not advised for production and data created in either of those stores (OTDS is LDAP) will not be easily transferrable to a production environment.

Gateway Articles

AppWorks Apps


Full documentation provided in README.


The following are available on npm:


AppWorks Services


The Maven dependency for the SDK is listed below, its use can be seen in the GitHub service examples in the next section.



Contact information

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Knowledge Center:

OpenText Developer

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