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This article encompasses the release notes for AppWorks Gateway 16.2

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1 Introduction

These Release Notes provide an overview of AppWorks Gateway 16.2.0,
including new features, delivery information, and supported platforms.
OpenText recommends that you read these Release Notes in conjunction
with the documentation included with the software package. If any
conflicts exist, the Release Notes supersede the other documentation.

We also recommend that you check OpenText Developer
( for any patches or documentation
updates that may have been posted after the initial release of AppWorks
Gateway 16.

1.1 Release Notes Revision History

Revision DateSections RevisedDescription of Revisions
2016-03-31First release.All new content.
2016-10-31Second ReleaseUpdates for 16.0.1
2016-12-12Third ReleaseUpdates for 16.1.0
2017-04-28Fourth ReleaseUpdates for 16.2.0

2 About AppWorks Gateway

The AppWorks Gateway is the Enterprise Application Development and
Management platform for OpenText. AppWorks allows you to quickly and
easily build purpose-specific apps for the Enterprise using the Web
technologies we are all familiar with: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. These
apps, called AppWorks Apps, can connect to the OpenText EIM Suite using
a common RESTful API.

2.1 New Features

AppWorks Gateway 16 Includes the following new features.

  • New Admin Interface
  • Enhanced Apache Camel based Reverse Proxy
  • Service Software Development Kit.
  • Native Push Notifications API
  • Enhancements to Mobile Client Tracking and remote wiping
  • PostgreSQL and SAP HANA Database support.
  • OpenText Directory Services OAuth 2 support
  • OpenText Directory Services Two Factor Authentication ( TFA ) support
  • New Mobile Client Runtime for iOS
  • New Mobile Client Runtime for Android
  • Native Device Push Notifications
  • iOS Document Provider Technology
  • Android Secure Access Framework
  • Client JavaScript API (AppWorks JS)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for hybrid app building

AppWorks Gateway 16.0.1 Includes the following new features.

  • iOS 10 Mobile Client Support
  • Android N Mobile Client Support
  • AppWorks Gateway Server Bug Fixes

AppWorks Gateway 16.1.0 Includes the following new features.

  • Support for Tempo Box 16.1
  • Proxy Blacklist functionality in Proxy Rules
  • Proxy Template for Content Server Forms
  • Proxy Server Template for Brava Server

AppWorks Gateway 16.2.0 Includes the following new features.

  • Support for Content Server Mobile 16.2
  • Support for eDOCS InfoCenter Desktop app
  • AppWorks Desktop Client for Windows and MacOS
  • Proxy Server Template for Office 365 Content Server Integration

2.2 Discontinued and deprecated features 16.0.1

  • iOS versions less than 9.3 no longer supported

3 Packaging and Documentation

Downloads and documentation for are available on OpenText Developer

3.1 Packaging and Delivery Information

The software and documentation for includes:

  • AppWorks Gateway 16.2.0 A full server release that is provided as a
    single ZIP archive. The AppWorks Gateway is available on OpenText Developer
  • AppWorks Desktop Clients are also available from the OpenText Developer
  • AppWorks Mobile Clients for iOS and Android are available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store

4 Supported Environments and Compatibility

This section provides details about supported platforms, systems, and versions.

4.1 Supported Systems

Component VersionLevel of Support
Java JDK (X64) 1.8.0_121 C
Java JDK (X64) 1.8.0_131 S
Tomcat Application Server8.0.43C
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2S
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 S
Centos Linux7S
Red Hat Enterprise Linux7.3C
Microsoft SQL Server2016C
Microsoft SQL Server2014S
Microsoft SQL Server2012 R2S
Oracle Database12CC
Oracle Database11G R2S
MySQL Database5.6C
Native iOS Runtime Mobile ClientiOS 9.3.5 to 10.3.1C
Native Android Runtime Mobile ClientAndroid 4.4.2 to 7.1.2C
AppWorks MacOS Desktop ClientMacOS 10.12 C
AppWorks MacOS Desktop ClientOSX 10.11 S
AppWorks Windows Desktop ClientWindows 10C
AppWorks Windows Desktop ClientWindows 8.1 S

Notes on Supported Platforms:

C = Certified

This platform was used for regression testing with this release of the
AppWorks Gateway. Use of this platform is fully supported by OpenText
Customer Support for customers that have purchased product licenses.

S = Supported

This platform received limited testing for this release of the AppWorks
Gateway. Use of this platform is fully supported by OpenText Customer
Support for customers that have purchased product licenses.

Not Listed = Unsupported

This received no testing by OpenText. There may or may not be known
issues with this platform. Its use is not supported by OpenText Customer Support.

4.2 OpenText Product Compatibility

The section provides details about which versions of other OpenText
products are compatible with this release of AppWorks Gateway 16.


  • For the latest compatibility information for OpenText
    products, refer to the Compatibility Matrix
    ( on the OpenText
    Knowledge Center.

    Product NameVersionNotes
    Content Server16.2Content Server 16.2 GA Release
    Content Server16Content Server 16.0.1 (2016-06 Update)
    Content Server10.5Content Server 10.5 support for Tempo Box 16.1
    Directory Services16.2For OAuth 2 and TFA support
    Directory Services16For OAuth 2 and TFA support
    Directory Services10.5 patch 8 and aboveOAuth 2 and TFA Authentication are NOT supported

4.3 Language Support

AppWorks Gateway is currently localized in the following languages. Future releases may add additional languages.

Appworks Gateway Admin UIBPPPPPPP
  • UI = user interface only
  • B = both user interface and online help
  • P = Partial Localisation for Admin Interface

5 Installation, Upgrade, and Patch Notes

This section provides additional installation and upgrade information,
including related or third-party product information and any required
critical patches.

5.1 Installation Notes

Before you install AppWorks Gateway, review these additional installation notes and verify related product or third-party product requirements.


  • Ensure you are running the supported versions of Tomcat ,Java, Database Platform
  • Tomcat 8.5 is NOT a supported platform for this release
  • Apache TomEE is NOT a supported platform for this release
  • OpenText recommends running AppWorks on a dedicated server
  • If you are using MySQL as the target database, ensure you set the setting of max_allowed_packet_length to a suitable value ( e.g. 1024M)
  • The use of the embedded Apache Derby Database and OTDS are NOT recommended for production installations.
  • If you wish to use an external database in a non development environment you must add the relevant JDBC drivers to the AppWorks Tomcat lib folder.
  • Ensure you allocate at least 4096 MB to the Tomcat Java Maximum memory pool option ( -Xmx4096m )
  • As part of the AppWorks Gateway installation package we include a modified Tomcat server.xml so make sure you take a backup of your existing server.xml before install and add any customisations you have made to the server.xml from the AppWorks Gateway installation package
  • AppWorks 16.2 gateway requires the use of the latest 16.2 versions of the iOS and Android Mobile clients
  • AppWorks 16.2 mobile clients are compatible with both 16.2 and 16.1 versions of AppWorks Gateway.

5.2 Upgrade Notes

Before you upgrade, review these instructions.


  • Due to the changes in AppWorks 16 there is NO upgrade path from AppWorks 1.X to AppWorks 16.X


  • There is no upgrade path from AppWorks 16 to 16.0.1 or 16.1 or 16.2 if your database used is the embedded Derby version.A fresh installation is required.
  • Upgrades from 16 to 16.01 or 16.1 or 16.2 with the other supported database platforms is fully supported
  • During Upgrade do not overwrite awg-keystore and file in Tomcat conf directory.
  • When upgrading to AppWorks 16.2 ensure you replace the otag-tomcat-listener jar file in Tomcat lib directory with the one from the 16.2 release. There should only be one otag-tomcat-listener jar in the lib folder for 16.2.
  • When upgrading from AppWorks 16.x to 16.2 ensure you remove the entire gateway folder from Tomcat-Home before extracting the AppWorks 16.2 zip bundle into Tomcat-Home directory.
  • In AppWorks 16.2 the two Notification related Database tables have been replaced by a new database table to improve performance.During the upgrade to AppWorks 16.2 the old data is not migrated to the new database but a migration process can be provided on request.

5.3 Installation and Administration Guide

Further information on installing, upgrading and administering the AppWorks Gateway is available here:

6 Fixed issues AppWorks Gateway 16.0.1

AppWorks Gateway 16.0.1 contains the following fixes and improvements

Issue Description
OTAG-4606 From Address ignored in Mail request
OTAG-4587 Settings API: Cannot update a setting with NULL value
OTAG-4646 Admin UI: Proxy Rules issue on Oracle Database
OTAG-4587 Settings API: Cannot update a setting with NULL value
OTAG-4608 Remote Wipe fixes
OTAG-4689 Proxy rules are not properly propagated across cluster
OTAG-4601 MDM policies are not correctly returned across a cluster
OTAG-4728 Service settings cleared on service update
OTAG-4792 Expired Bearer token yields an HTTP 500
OTAG-4841 Request GCM Refresh from Mobile Clients via Admin UI
OTAG-5628 Otag Audit table Details column has insufficient length

7 Fixed issues AppWorks Gateway 16.1

AppWorks Gateway 16.1 contains the following fixes and improvements

Issue Description
OTAG-5673 AWG Proxy: Proxy Server can proxy img path
OTAG-5755 AWG Proxy: Reordering of Proxy Rules causes duplication of rules
OTAG-5826 AWG Install: Issues with Installing with embedded OTDS option

8 Fixed issues AppWorks Gateway 16.2

AppWorks Gateway 16.2 contains the following fixes and improvements

Issue Description
OTAG-5957 AWG Proxy: Improvements to Proxy Server
OTAG-6232 AWG Server: Security Enhancements
OTAG-6140 AWG Server: Improvements to Notifications Event Storage and Processing
OTAG-5544 AWG Server: Partial Localisation of Admin Interface

9 Known issues

None at time of publication of this document

10 Contact Information

OpenText Corporation

275 Frank Tompa Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2L 0A1


Knowledge Center:

OpenText Developer

For more information, visit

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