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A welcome message for the members of Metastorm Community Central (MC<sup>2</sup>).

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Welcome to Metastorm Community Central on AppWorks Developer

In July 2014, the powerful online Metastorm Community Central (MC2), where customers gathered to collaborate on everything about Metastorm and containing almost 15,000 topics, was moved to AppWorks Developer, OpenText's new network for developers.

Content Organization

Instead of the separate forums in MC2, AppWorks Developer uses a flat structure: categories and tags are used to organize and filter the content. All original forum content has been added to the Metastorm category, and tagged with the metastorm_community tag. When you go to the forums, you can find the available categories and tags on the right. To filter the content, click on the relevant categories and/or tags.

For example:

MetastormAll content related to MetaStorm
metastorm_communityAll content imported from MetaStorm Community Central
install_configurationMetastorm installation and configuration
pvMetastorm ProVision

During the migration, we have anonymized email addresses and telephone numbers in the forum posts to protect the contributors' privacy. In contradiction to Metastorm Community Central, AppWorks Developer is a public community.

My Support

OpenText My Support has replaced the online ticket system in Metastorm Community Central. With My Support, you can open new support tickets for your company, keep track of open tickets, and update all information online.

It is also possible to maintain information about your system environment or special project implementations.

Knowledge Center

Follow the links below to access the Metastorm Community Central resources such as documentation, software downloads, and patches (hotfixes) in the OpenText Knowledge Center.

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