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AppWorks™ Developer is OpenText's developer network, the primary resource for any developer wanting to build enterprise applications with OpenText™ AppWorks Gateway. AppWorks Developer provides information about creating, deploying, and managing enterprise applications that connect to OpenText EIM services, then making them available from all supported platforms.

This page provides information and details on how to get started with OpenText AppWorks Gateway, an OpenText AppWorks add-on.

AppWorks Developer now also serves as an additional reference for developers using AppWorks Platform (Process Platform).

Get Started with OpenText AppWorks Gateway

OpenText AppWorks Gateway helps you efficiently deploy all of the APIs, web services, and mobile applications you build with OpenText AppWorks. It provides single sign-on, centralized application and audience management, as well as seamless application updating capabilities and enables access to all of the capabilities of OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

Refer to the following information to get started with OpenText AppWorks Gateway:

Download Software

AppWorks Gateway
The AppWorks Gateway is the server-side component that allows you to install, deploy, configure and manage your applications, components and their associated services.

AppWorks Clients
AppWorks clients are small native clients that make your HTML5 applications available on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Release Notes for AppWorks Gateway

API Documentation

The list of available APIs are found on the API Reference page.

Additional references:

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Additional Information

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