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Metastorm Community Central Transition to OpenText Knowledge Center

Posted Mar 06 by Karen Weir.

Important News about the transition to OpenText Knowledge Center     **Customer Support** **New Phone Numbers and Email Address for Customer Support:** US: +1-800-970-\*\*\*\* International: +1-585-424-\*\*\*\* [][] [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Karen Weir.
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Stop/Start Metastorm Components from Commandline on Win, possible?

Posted May 15 by Rainer Wellhöfer.
Updated May 15.

Hi,   is there a way to stop/start/restart a single component on an enterprise server installed on Windows 2003 from the commandline? Not via the process monitor... We have problems with the Script Servlet Engine and at the [more]

Last activity May 15 by Jeff Yowell.
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Node install with MQ client and separate queue manager

Posted Jan 26 by Jean-Philippe Plourde.

While trying different installation combination, with hit a roadblock with this one.   We do a Node installation on a machine running MQ client, that connects to a separate QM before reaching the QM where the Entreprise node is connected.   Installation [more]

Last activity Mar 01 by Ethan Beisher.
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Immediate transfer configuration issue?

Posted Jan 10 by Jean-Philippe Plourde.

We are setting up a file transfer between 2 entreprise node.   When invoking immediate transfer, we end up with blank files on the receiving node and the data portion ends up in the DLQ of the receiving QM. The transfer eventually [more]

Last activity Jan 20 by Jean-Philippe Plourde.
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Node installation failure with MQ registry connection type

Posted Jan 17 by Jean-Philippe Plourde.

We are trying to install a new node on MQ server, with the Enterprise node located on another server/QM.   Channels are defined between the 2 QMs and we can exchange messages. When installing the node, the step that tries to contact [more]

Last activity Jan 19 by Doug Johnson.
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ERROR [com.commercequest.bpi.web.BPIWebServlet] Exception:com/ibm/mq/MQException

Posted Jan 16 by Bhuvaneswara Kumar.

Hi,   We had installed the 8.1.8. After the install we tried to launch the Process Monitor and getting the below error:   <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <table> <tbody> [more]

Last activity Jan 18 by Bhuvaneswara Kumar.
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SQL Server and MIM 8.5.2 on Windows

Posted Oct 25 by Martin Cardinal.

I'm currently testing this install and I'm not able to make MIM work with SQL Server using Windows authentication instead of SQL authentication.   Is there a way to make it choose one or the other? It's not mentionned in any way in [more]

Last activity Oct 26 by Ethan Beisher.
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Posted Sep 19 by Martin Cardinal.

Everytime a file is transfered with Directory Monitor, this queue get incremented by 1. There is no way for me to clear the queue unless I shutdown MIM which is not usefull.   Why is this queue filling up? The Trasnfer are completed, [more]

Last activity Sep 19 by Ethan Beisher.
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MIM 8.5.1 and Oracle 11g R2 RAC

Posted Mar 22 by Tom Davison.

Does MIM support connecting to Oracle 11g R2 Real Application Cluster?  It looks like it's building the jdbc conection on the fly.  Oracle needs a format like the one below to work correctly.     jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hcdbtest-scan:1521/testsid   Any [more]

Last activity Mar 24 by Tom Davison.
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Labels vs Business Processes for Reporting Purposes

Posted Dec 13 by Stephen Parker.

The process auditor summary reports show exactly the same number of transfers in both PM and PM4Data. But the details are different: PM is reporting on business processes and PM4Data is reporting on labels. What's the point?   I'm [more]

Last activity Dec 14 by Ethan Beisher.
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Install multiple nodes on a Windows Server

Posted May 20 by Ethan Beisher.
Updated May 20.

The typical method of doing this with MIM is using VMWare.   There is an alternative method:   1) In the registry, manually create the node artifacts for a client node:     * /NodeInfo/\[NodeName\].xml [more]

Last activity Nov 11 by Rob Simons.
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Translation Errors at Runtime if the IBM Translation Tables are not Installed

Posted Oct 04 by Diane Hogan.

The information in this article applies to:   **Product:**     MIM **Version:**     8 **Platform:**    AIX   **Discussion** Translation errors will occur if the [more]

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