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Jscript.NET error help

Posted Oct 14 by David Williams.

Hi, I am getting the error below on practically every server side script that I have. These have previously worked and this error in particular is from a one line script that just assigns a value to a variable. So for some reason it is throwing [more]

Last activity Nov 17 by Jerome Pearce.
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Folder 'Shredder' for v9?

Posted Oct 25 by Richard Burt.

We have a specific business requirement to completly remove all record of certain folders 6 months after they have been archived. I do this in v7.6 with a 'folder shredder' process which uses a stored procedure called 'ew\_delete\_folder'. I [more]

Last activity Oct 25 by Brian Mellert.
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Editing the todo and alert lists

Posted Oct 24 by Terry Dupuis.
Updated Oct 24.

Is it possible in 7.6 to edit the the todo and alert lists?   Id like to take a column which is made up of multiple fields, and apply font treatment and a couple CRLFs.   I've tried a number of things (using chr codes, [more]

Last activity Oct 24 by Brian Mellert.
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Admin Form doesn't show up in navigation Tree

Posted Sep 12 by Logan Manning.

I tried searching for documentation on this but couldn't find it. I am sure it is simple. I have two procedures with admin forms... For one procedure the admin form shows up in the navigation tree however the other procedure's admin form does [more]

Last activity Sep 12 by Logan Manning.
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Metastorm 7.6 SDK

Posted Jun 17 by Wojciech Foksowicz.

Hi,   I could not find PM 7.6 in the download area. IS SDK 7.6 available? (there is a document BPM 7.6 SDK Release Notes).

Last activity Sep 10 by Show Love.
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Reset FolderID sequence

Posted May 14 by Chris Pickford.

Hi all,   Does anyone know how (or if it's possible) to reset the FolderID sequence or set it to an arbituary number?   I.e. the current maximum value in eFolder.eFolderID is '0000000000000000000000000038855' but I would [more]

Last activity May 15 by Alessandro Castaldelli.
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BPM 7.6 form problem with IE8

Posted Jun 07 by Len Brodnik.

Using IE8 I have a form with a dropdown that populates a text box upon selection of a dropdown item.   After the dropdown is selected and the text box is populated an hour glass wait stays present on the screen.   If the [more]

Last activity Jan 17 by Phil McGaw.
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Process Mapping Metastorm BPM 7 Giveaway

Posted Feb 29 by Jerome Pearce.

This year marks the 10th anniversay of Process Mapping. We have decided to celebrate the event by giving away many of our Metastorm BPM version 7 Libraries & Procedures:   Enjoy: <a data-ignore="a/b" target="_blank" [more]

Last activity Dec 13 by Jerome Pearce.
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Unable to start Metastorm process engine

Posted Aug 15 by Gokul krishnan.

I am UNABLE to start the "**Metastorm process Engine**" service in services.msc. I get the following error:   "The Metastorm Process Engine service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop [more]

Last activity Dec 12 by Phil McGaw.
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Raise a BPM 7.6 flag without needing client side components

Posted Oct 01 by Trevor Olney-Jones.

Hi, this is my first post and I'm a real newbie with regards to BPM.   I've been pointed to some example code that should allow us to effectively invoke a flag, passing in the required parameters etc.  This all goes into a SOAP [more]

Last activity Oct 12 by Trevor Olney-Jones.
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Asset Managment using Metastorm Question

Posted Aug 30 by Sean Brown.

I am trying to create an asset management system for a more-or-less static set of assets that need to be inspected every so often. All the assets are arranged in rooms and I would like to start a new process that pulls all the assets in a [more]

Last activity Aug 31 by Brian Mellert.
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