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iPad- Error when submitting/cancelling a form

Posted May 16 by Duncan Baxter.

We are trying to access an existing Metastorm module through an iPad. After updating a form we receive the following error messages when either Submitting or Cancelling the form:   The server method 'Submit' failed The server method [more]

Last activity Nov 16 by Duncan Baxter.
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Dropdown Tool not responding to database query

Posted Nov 13 by Barrie Smith.

My dropdown list does not show any items from my database query. My grid and list tools are OK   I have tried using a calculation (using a connection) and an sql statement in the "list options" property, but my dropdown is [more]

Last activity Nov 13 by Phil McGaw.
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Pass FolderID as Paramater to Stored Procedure

Posted Nov 10 by John Rusling.

I have been wrestling this one for a couple of days now and thought someone here might be able to help. I am trying to execute a stored procedure with a single parameter. I am able to pass through a number of variations without trouble [more]

Last activity Nov 12 by Phil McGaw.
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Metastorm 9.2 Designer - Validation

Posted Oct 29 by Barrie Smith.

I have a simple project with just a single clip attachment defined to access Sharepoint   I'm getting the error: An assembly with the same identity 'Metastorm.dms .......................' has already been imported. Try removing [more]

Last activity Oct 29 by Barrie Smith.
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Strange behavior in attachment component

Posted May 08 by Magnus Frost.

Hi,   I have noticed that a pdf file attached to a metastorm folder always gets the name "ReadAttachment.pdf" when it is downloaded and saved locally. It should keep its original name. Does anyone know why this ha [more]

Last activity Oct 26 by Henrik Persson.
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Show Updated Folders in To Do List/ Watch List

Posted Sep 18 by Katie Stewart.

I have a couple of questions, regarding when a change is made in an already ongoing process:   1. How can we update the To Do List, so that the if the folders sitting at a stage (group stage) are available to newly added users?   2. [more]

Last activity Sep 20 by Brian Mellert.
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ECL for webservices- latest doc for V9?

Posted Sep 05 by Tanya Mynampati.

Can someone provide a link to the doc that illustrates ECL for webservices for latest BPM release v9.2 if available, please? Looked up in the BPM documentation section but couldnt find an appropriate one.   Thanks Tanya [more]

Last activity Sep 05 by Tony Wheeler.
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BPM Mobile - Date format

Posted Aug 21 by Duncan Baxter.

Can anyone please assist on how to change the format of the dates on a BPMMobile form from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. I have checked that regional/local settings of the PLC are set correctly, which they are.   When I open up the form [more]

Last activity Aug 24 by Duncan Baxter.
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Grid Column Alignment

Posted Aug 17 by Paul Lawrence.

With, MBPM v9.0.1.1 the alignment of grid columns leaves something to be desired.  In IE8, the total width of all the columns must be the width of the grid component less 4px otherwise the columns will start to get mis-aligned.  If [more]

Last activity Aug 07 by William Tanner.
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BPM Mobile 2

Posted Aug 01 by Duncan Baxter.

We have just installed BPM Mobile 2, followed the simple installation instructions and now get:   'An error occurred while processing this request' when attempting to connect.   Any assistance would be welcome

Last activity Aug 06 by Duncan Baxter.
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Converting v7 VB Script to v9 C#

Posted Aug 02 by Richard Burt.

I have a version 7 procedure which I am converting to a version 9 process. It uses a Server-Side VB Script to write data into a word document. The script uses the 'ework.' syntax to access ework variables and functions. For example:   'Get [more]

Last activity Aug 02 by Jerome Pearce.
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V9 LDAP connection to eDirectory

Posted Jul 27 by Frank Irizawa.

Has anyone does this successfully in V9?   Our Version 7.6.2 production system connects to LDAP with no problem. Works great! We use the library with LDAP connection details and the LDAPSearch function extensively.   In [more]

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