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How to assign a folder to particular user dynamically

Posted Sep 16 by Sundeep Dornadula.

Hi,   Could any one suggest me how to assign a folder to user dynamically depending on the value fetched from database..   Thanks in advance Sundeep    

Last activity Apr 02 by Grzegorz Lag.
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BPM v9.1 Admin Tools - Add SAP script button not working

Posted Mar 31 by Justin Skidmore.
Updated Mar 31.

I have written my own SAP and would like to add it and test. When I access the Authentication tab in Admin Tools, and select Add SAP script, the app does if there is no event handler tied to this button. Is there something I need [more]

Last activity Mar 31 by Tony Wheeler.
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Best Practices Guide

Posted Mar 30 by Grzegorz Lag.

Hello   Few years ago there was some best practices guide document available on Metastorm partner site. Is there any possibility to have something similar with MBPM v9?

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Metastorm BPM Product End of Life Dates

Posted May 11 by Paul Denton.
Updated Mar 21.

\*Updated for the current OpenText dates.    Please note that we now use the term "Past Maintenance" as it better describes the situation for using old product versions.  While you support contract is still current [more]

Last activity Mar 27 by Thilo Menges.
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Getemailaddresses with selectsql

Posted Mar 14 by Andrea Cammarata.

Hi all,   In the to Property of SendMail activity I'd like to get emailaddress for a list of users assigned to a specific role... something like:   GetEmailAddresses(SelectSql(null,"select eusername from eassignment [more]

Last activity Mar 14 by Andrea Cammarata.
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Creating our own front end for end users (Metastorm BPM)

Posted Jul 21 by Heathesh Bhandari.

Hi there,   We would like to create our own front end for Metastorm BPM and not use the web interface at all.   Does the ECL currently have enough functionality to accomplish this? Is there any specific approach you [more]

Last activity Mar 09 by Todd Greve.
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Connections and DTC

Posted Dec 06 by Michael Turek.

Whoops, posted this in Welcome boards by accident....   My setup is as follows: 1 metastorm engine, development environment, V9.1 1 database server, sql server on cluster   Within the designer I'm trying to run a [more]

Last activity Mar 05 by Jefferson Garcia.
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Using the latest SQL Native Client for SQL Server 2008 R2

Posted Feb 06 by Jefferson Garcia.

Hi,   Will there be an issue if I install the latest SQL Native Client for 64 bit for Windows Server 2008 R2 and use this to connect to the database using ODBC?   The details can be found on this website: <a data-ignore="a/b" [more]

Last activity Feb 06 by Jefferson Garcia.
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Close Form from jscript

Posted Jan 25 by Andrea Cammarata.

Hi to all, Is there a way to force the execution of the close form event directly at the load form event (for example after a check and an alert to the user)? This to avoid of raising an user error not appreciated from the end users.   Thanks [more]

Last activity Jan 26 by Andrea Cammarata.
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Problem open a folder from a link

Posted Jan 13 by Simona Grasso.

Hi all,   I use a link from an email send to users to notify them the folder created. This link points to a folder in bpm 9 and is constructed using eFolder.aspx page and attribute parameters. It' looks like this:   <a [more]

Last activity Jan 20 by Simona Grasso.
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Archiving Metastorm Tables

Posted Jan 04 by Jefferson Garcia.

Is there a facility to archive Metastorm system tables to a different tables for archiving purposes and improving performance.   For example, we want to move all records that have reached the arcchived stage to a separate table.

Last activity Jan 13 by Paul Lawrence.
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Need Help! Metastorm BPM v9.1 SR1 - Metastorm Process Engine and Deployment Service will not start

Posted Dec 23 by Daniel Stallworth.
Updated Dec 23.

After upgrading to Metastorm BPM 9.1 SR1 the Metastorm Process Engine and Deployment Service will not start. I've tried everything I've found in blogs and installation guides to no avail. I'm still getting the same result...   **Source: [more]

Last activity Dec 29 by Ari Chopra.
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