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which db to establish client server

Posted Oct 12 by maitrey ahuja.

can anybody tell me which db is required to establish provision bpa for client? 

Last activity Nov 15 by Matt Michael.
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Multiple KE repositories

Posted Nov 15 by riyaad moos.

  Hi   I'm in the process os creating additional KE repositories. What SQL requirements are needed?   Riyaad

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Unable to create custom properties

Posted Oct 15 by Alison Walton.

Hi   I need to create some custom properties. However, when I select Property Types in the Customization Control Panel, the Add button for the Reusable Property Types is disabled. Any ideas why this might be or is there a different [more]

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User account creation and administration

Posted Oct 12 by maitrey ahuja.

hi   can somebody tell me how to do user account integration and admin with provision bpa? is there any doc for this pls?

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SAP Integration capability with Provision

Posted Oct 12 by maitrey ahuja.

Can somebody tell me if there's any sap integration capability with provision bpa. if yes, how to do? and if mbpm integrator invovled in this?

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Upgrading Provision from 6.3.1 to 9.0

Posted Aug 29 by Prakash Mavuduru.

Can I upgrade the desktop client to 9.0 from 6.3.1 while continuing to connect to our existing KEServer repository ?   Do I need to upgrade the KEServer repository to the latest version for it to work with desktop client version 9.0 [more]

Last activity Aug 29 by Matt Michael.
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Provision upgrade from V6.2.3 to V6.3.1

Posted Aug 07 by Manjunath Channabasavaradhya.

Hi Team,   This is Manjunath from Unisys ,We are planning to upgrade provision version from **6.2.3** to **6.3.1..**   Please guide me what all the prerequisite needs to be taken before upgrade and steps to upgrade and [more]

Last activity Aug 23 by Matt Michael.
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How to create new repository in KE?

Posted Apr 13 by Abhay P.

Please let me know the procedure to create new repository on KE server?   Thanks.

Last activity Apr 13 by Matt Michael.
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Knowledge Exchange Server configure to use CA Siteminder for authentication

Posted Apr 12 by Prakash Mavuduru.

Hello All,                Is this configuration supported ? Has anybody been able to successfully configure this ?   Cheers, Prakash

Last activity Apr 12 by Matt Michael.
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Provision V6.1.2 Compatibility with JBOSS V5.1

Posted Mar 14 by Prakash Paul.

I came to know Provision knowledge exchange is not compatible with JBOSS.   Is there any way to enhance to JBOSS? Currently Provision web interface has been deployed on Weblogic.   Any help would be great [more]

Last activity Mar 14 by Matt Michael.
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Is Metastorm Provision 6.1 Version Compatible on WIN7?

Posted Jan 18 by Prakash Paul.

Can Metastorm Provision version 6.1 be installed on WIN7 machine, i am getting an error "The current version not compatible" with WIN7. Please suggest if any workaround? Thanks in advance.

Last activity Mar 14 by Prakash Paul.
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PV License issue

Posted Jan 17 by Sharlene Welgemoed.

A user has borrowed a PV license and returned in prior to the expiry period.  However, on the license server it still shows as being allocated to that user and it is not releasing the license.   Is there a way of releasing the [more]

Last activity Jan 17 by Matt Michael.
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