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Version 9.3 / Query Business Object using IN (@Parameter)

Posted Apr 03 by Pierre Ballon.

Hi,   I'm populationg a grid with the following bo/Query:   SELECT Company.CAMPAIGN\_YN, Company.RAISON\_SOCIALE, FROM Company, People WHERE Company.SIRET=People.SIRET  and left(Company.CP,**2**) IN [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Nils Wyldbore.
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Pros / Cons of Migrate from V7 to V9

Posted Mar 12 by Brian Mellert.

After spending several months rewriting our main V7 process to V9 (and about a month from full QA testing hopefully), the main user community is suddenly balking at the process.  Now I have to list pros and cons of upgrading from V7 in [more]

Last activity Mar 14 by Brian Mellert.
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Metastorm MBPM Roadmap

Posted Mar 10 by Larry Dreifke.

Can someone direct me to where I might find a roadmap document.  Looking for where OpenText will be taking this product in the future.   Thanks.

Last activity Mar 10 by Karen Weir.
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Metastorm Community Central Transition to OpenText Knowledge Center

Posted Mar 06 by Karen Weir.
Updated Mar 06.

Important News about the transition to OpenText Knowledge Center     **Customer Support** **New Phone Numbers and Email Address for Customer Support:** US: +1-800-970-\*\*\*\* International: +1-585-424-\*\*\*\* [][] [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Karen Weir.
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Command Button Not Working For Some

Posted Nov 07 by John Rusling.

We have a form with some fields, a button and a read only grid (simply put). When the user fills in the fields and clicks the button the information from the fields is added to a database and then is reflected in the read only grid. This works [more]

Last activity Nov 07 by Kevin Burke.
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Field Read Event

Posted Oct 19 by John Rusling.

We are working on a process in which we want to ensure that users have read a piece of content. I have a memo field and a button that allows them to mark as read but there is no obvious way to ensure that the user actually reads before hitting [more]

Last activity Nov 07 by John Rusling.
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Parent and Child Dropdown loading

Posted Aug 22 by Sathish Kumar.

Hi,   I have two dropdowns Country and State.   When loading the form, i set the first value(Country Values - e.g US) to Parent dropdown.   I want to set the first value(State Values - e.g NY) to [more]

Last activity Aug 26 by DeShoran Smith.
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Spell Checker, Spell Checking

Posted Aug 01 by Melanie Garside.

Hi everyone, has anyone implemented a spell checker in Metastorm BPM processes, something that spell checks text  boxes aswell as memo fields? (so not using the V9 capability on memo fields).   We have used a Google Web Service [more]

Last activity Aug 02 by Melanie Garside.
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ToDo and Watch List Filter Unreliable

Posted Jul 09 by Richard Burt.

Several of our users have complained that the filter on the work lists is unreliable.   Say you have work in several processes and you filter the work list to dispaly only Process1. Say you have more items in Process1 than will fit [more]

Last activity Jul 09 by Jerome Pearce.
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Metastorm DMS Connection with content server require SSO

Posted Jun 05 by Mukesh Prabhakar Rao Nandanwar.

Hi,   I am trying to connect the MBPM to the opentext content server (DMS) using "connection".   I have setup the "non-synchronised" user partition "otds.admin" in the Administration [more]

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7.6 to 9.2 data migration

Posted May 30 by Andrea Cammarata.
Updated May 30.

Hi all, Is it possible to migrate directly from 7.6 to 9.2 environment with 9.1 Migration Kit (I didn't found a 9.2 Migration Kit)?   And Another question   Is there a way to migrate data from a live 9.2 environment [more]

Last activity Jun 13 by Andrea Cammarata.
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ACL for Admin Forms

Posted May 11 by John Rusling.

We are currently implementing a personalized "portal" to replace the default start pages in the metastorm client. A part of this is reading the "access list" to determin which forms to show the current user. For the blank [more]

Last activity May 13 by John Rusling.
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