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How to update categories in Content Server 16.2 from Java REST API using Apache HttpClient

Posted Nov 03 by Kevin Skelton.
Updated Nov 03.

I am writing a REST client from Java using the Apache HttpClient to ContentServer 16.2. I have various functions working such as: Upload; Get; Move; Delete etc.... However, I am unable to get the Update Categories function to work from Java. [more]

Last activity Nov 03 by Kevin Skelton.
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Downloading using CS REST API (V2) using Java HttpClient

Posted Mar 05 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I've been doing what should be a dead simple file download using Apache HttpClient. However, for whatever reason, I hit a limit of about 5 MB for the file transfer before the connection gets reset. Anything up to that size, and this [more]

Last activity Mar 23 by Anthony Miller.
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