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Documentation for changing CORS Settings

Posted Dec 16 by Daniel Godard.

Hi all, would someone kindly be able to point me in the appropriate direction to find documentation on how to change the CORS settings on Content Server 10.5 running on IIS 8.5 / windows 2012 R2. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Chee [more]

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CORS issue on URL: api/v1/nodes/<id>/versions/<version number>/content

Posted Dec 06 by Daniel Godard.

I'm presently receiving a CORS error message when trying to retrieve the content of a document through the CS 10.5 rest api with javascript. The weird part of this problem is that all other CS 10.5 rest api calls are presently working in my [more]

Last activity Dec 18 by Albertto Lie.
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CORS and Content Server API - Preflight issues

Posted Sep 27 by Jeremy Pedro.
Updated Sep 28.

I have noticed that while using fetch that any CORS triggering request(post, put, delete,...) will fail because the OPTIONS preflight request sent by the browser lacks the OTCSTicket authorization header, as you can't add custom headers to a [more]

Last activity Oct 16 by Jeremy Pedro.
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Content Server REST APis Cross-Domain AJAX

Posted Apr 29 by Patrick Vitali.
Updated Apr 29.

Hi, I am experiencing problems trying to consume CS REST Apis from a different domain. I think the problem depends on the fact that whenever I try to send an auth request, the browser (correctly) sends a Cors OPTIONS request without parameters. [more]

Last activity Apr 29 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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