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Unable to connect to Content Server

Posted Nov 28 by Frank Emmanuel.

Hi there, I have setup the AppWorks Gateway successfully on a dev box, and am now trying to connect it to Content Server 10. In the Settings page, I provided the Content Server URL as "http://localhost/OTCS10/livelink.exe" and clicked [more]

Last activity May 14 by Hugh Ferguson.
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Content Server REST API

Posted Aug 15 by Eben de Roock.
Updated Aug 15.

Hi, I'm trying to access Content Server's REST API via the OTAG Reverse Proxy Service, but I get prompted for credentials when a request is made to the CS REST API. Supplying credentials does not work and keeps on prompting for credentials. [more]

Last activity Nov 19 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Answered Put Permissions on a Node for a user through CS Rest API

Posted Apr 09 by Kadiapu Dushyanth Vihari.

Hi, Is there any way to "Put" or Modify permissions on a node for a user through CS rest API.. Thanks and regards, Dushyanth Vihari Kadiapu

Last activity Feb 27 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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How long time does it take to store a document using API - Performance reference numbers

Posted Apr 23 by Geir Berglind.
Updated Apr 23 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi! We have a job importing documents (PDF/TIF) using web services. Storing one document requires one call to CreateDocumentContext (3 - 4 attributes), then doing a call to UploadContent (avg. document size 750 kb). Our average processing [more]

Last activity Apr 28 by Patrick Vitali.
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AppWorks Gateway connection to Content Sever

Posted Aug 21 by Tyler Ford.
Updated Sep 03.

What standard ports does Appworks Gateway need access to in order to connect to Content Server? If using a clustered CS environment with 2 servers(front-end and back-end), does Appworks need access to the ports on all servers in the clustered [more]

Last activity Sep 03 by Tyler Ford.
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Answered AGA Configuration for SharePoint Issues

Posted Oct 30 by Aravinthan Babu.

When I try to configure the AGA OpenText content server with SharePoint in development environment it get the below error. Error: Could not resolve API Name.

Last activity Oct 31 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Answered REST API for downloading multiple documents

Posted Jan 20 by Ram Prasad Chaturvedi.

**Is it possible to download multiple documents in a single REST Web service call.** I wanted to return streams of files in a socket so at client side we will use some metadata information as identifier for differentiating the files. [more]

Last activity Jan 24 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Run LiveReports and get return data in JSON using REST API in Content Server

Posted Apr 07 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.

Hello, Wondering how can we run LiveReports and get the return data in JSON using REST API. I see there is no action to run a LR in Content Server REST API. Any other approaches or do we need to extent the REST? Appreciate your thoug [more]

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Upload document and update multiple categories using C#.Net and Rest API

Posted Jun 05 by kumar dwarakanath.

Has any one tried uploading document with multiple categories using C#.NET. Can any body help by scribbling syntax for passing multiple categories. if you have any sample Please forwarded to me. Cheers, Kumar

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Upload Large file Using C# and Rest API

Posted Jun 05 by kumar dwarakanath.

Hi Folks, Has any one tried uploading large file to CS using REST API method. what is bet way of streaming file to CS. Do we need any configuration at IIS , CS?. I would like to use REST API if it can Support Large file Upload. Please share [more]

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Using REST API to Sync Users

Posted Aug 24 by Peter Magee.

Our Content Server deployment currently uses a Java program which makes calls to the old LAPI interface to synchronize CS users with LDAP users. We would like to reconstruct this process to use the more current (and supported) REST API. What [more]

Last activity Oct 24 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Code for uploading set of documents to livelink using webservices/REST API

Posted Nov 24 by rajapradeep alapati.

Hi There, am trying to find code which can perform uploading documents to LiveLink using REST API or Webservices. Kindly provide me ful sample code. am very new to this. Thanks in advance

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