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Metastorm Community Central Transition to OpenText Knowledge Center

Posted Mar 06 by Karen Weir.
Updated Mar 06.

Important News about the transition to OpenText Knowledge Center     **Customer Support** **New Phone Numbers and Email Address for Customer Support:** US: +1-800-970-\*\*\*\* International: +1-585-424-\*\*\*\* [][] [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Karen Weir.
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Explorer Stopped Responding

Posted May 24 by Brian Mellert.

I think its more PC related, but thought I'd check in just in case. Anybody getting either "Windows Explorer has stopped working" or "Internet Explorer has stopped working" messages while using BPM?  We've had a few [more]

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Does it make sense to configure V7 SSO if we're migrating to V9 in near future?

Posted Apr 03 by Steven Johnson.

We are planning to migrate to V9 in about 9 months.   The question has come up if it's worth it to configure SSO in our current V7 environment.  Would this be a total 'throw away' or are there any SSO objects/scripts that [more]

Last activity Apr 15 by Steven Johnson.
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Error migrating to 7.6 SR4

Posted Sep 05 by dani.

Hi, We have migrate our development platform that was based on Windows 2008 64bits Metastorm 7.6 SR3 from Oracle 11GR1 to 11GR2. As a consequence of this change, we have been forced to migrate to 7.6 SR4 as it's compatible with Oracle [more]

Last activity Mar 25 by Jacob Eastman.
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Best way to copy a Metastorm database to a new server

Posted Jan 10 by Steven Melcher.

I have two servers running Metastorm 7.5 and SQL Server 2008, one for production and the other for testing. What is the best way to copy the production Metastorm database to the test server?   In SQL Server  Management Studio, [more]

Last activity Dec 17 by Phil McGaw.
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Issues after installing version 7.6.4

Posted May 21 by Federico Filippini.

Hello, we are testing the new release 7.6.4 of Metastorm in order to plan an upgrade on our systems.   After having installed the release and the hotfixes and I am facing an issue on some forms of our application [more]

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Administration Form and message "Folder not locked for action"

Posted Dec 01 by Gustavo Gutierrez.
Updated Dec 01.

Hi, I've been searching vastly for this message and obviously found a number of post which did not provide me with a solution or to be a similar problem.   I have an Administration Form that shows the folders of a certain process [more]

Last activity Dec 13 by Gustavo Gutierrez.
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Sharepoint Installation

Posted Oct 27 by Gloria Makoya.

Hi, please help me. we have metastorm setup already and everything is fine. but we want to start using Sharepoint Web parts. i have a guide to Install Sharepoint web parts and single sign on. but the on guide, it says : it is assumed that the [more]

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Designer settings - how change default font set to another set

Posted Oct 22 by Kathy Leners.

Anyone know what documentation describes how to change the default settings of the Designer?  For example, I want to change the font settings to another character/size set.

Last activity Oct 25 by Brian Mellert.
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7.6 install - HELP (again)

Posted Aug 19 by Prakash Kanchan.

Hi   So the SQL problem was fixed. When I continue with the install - it goes upto "updating component registration" and then does a rollback and throws the error "install was interrupted" and nothing is installed.   Where [more]

Last activity Aug 24 by Prakash Kanchan.
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7.6 install - HELP

Posted Aug 19 by Prakash Kanchan.

Hi   I'm a noob to metastorm - trying to install v7.6 on my windows 7 32bit machine. I installed the prerequisites - C++ runtime, .NET runtime, sql server 2005 express.   When I run the BPM installer everything goes fine [more]

Last activity Aug 19 by Prakash Kanchan.
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Oracle stored procedure to delete a procedure for v7.6.x

Posted Aug 15 by Rodney Hardrick.

I would like to delete several procedures but our Services Manager stops responding during the deletion process.   Before I start the process of writing one myself I just wanted to know if anyone has an Oracle stored procedure [more]

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