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Sub Form or new form open with a button click

Posted Aug 20 by Dean Mueller.

I am using Metastorm 9.x My objective is to allow the user to select a list of names from a grid and as they select the names it populates another grid showing them the names they have chosen or that already exist previously for the field [more]

Last activity Aug 28 by Brian Mellert.
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Repository Migration Failures

Posted Feb 08 by Brian Mellert.

Tried to use the Repository Migration Assistant on a simple solution today between our development enviroments.   It keeps failing with The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'FragmentStackMapping', database 'e-Work', [more]

Last activity Jan 07 by Brian Mellert.
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Metastorm Community Central Transition to OpenText Knowledge Center

Posted Mar 06 by Karen Weir.
Updated Mar 06.

Important News about the transition to OpenText Knowledge Center     **Customer Support** **New Phone Numbers and Email Address for Customer Support:** US: +1-800-970-\*\*\*\* International: +1-585-424-\*\*\*\* [][] [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Karen Weir.
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Version 9.3 / Query Business Object using IN (@Parameter)

Posted Apr 03 by Pierre Ballon.

Hi,   I'm populationg a grid with the following bo/Query:   SELECT Company.CAMPAIGN\_YN, Company.RAISON\_SOCIALE, FROM Company, People WHERE Company.SIRET=People.SIRET  and left(Company.CP,**2**) IN [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Nils Wyldbore.
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Pros / Cons of Migrate from V7 to V9

Posted Mar 12 by Brian Mellert.

After spending several months rewriting our main V7 process to V9 (and about a month from full QA testing hopefully), the main user community is suddenly balking at the process.  Now I have to list pros and cons of upgrading from V7 in [more]

Last activity Mar 14 by Brian Mellert.
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Metastorm MBPM Roadmap

Posted Mar 10 by Larry Dreifke.

Can someone direct me to where I might find a roadmap document.  Looking for where OpenText will be taking this product in the future.   Thanks.

Last activity Mar 10 by Karen Weir.
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Unattended deployments with library refresh / upgrade

Posted Dec 06 by Jaspal Hayre.

Hi All   Just been looking at how you can create a batch file and schedule it to run an unattended deployment of a solution but not seen anything on how you can get the library versions used in the solution to be refreshed / use the [more]

Last activity Dec 09 by Aaron Van.
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Command Button Not Working For Some

Posted Nov 07 by John Rusling.

We have a form with some fields, a button and a read only grid (simply put). When the user fills in the fields and clicks the button the information from the fields is added to a database and then is reflected in the read only grid. This works [more]

Last activity Nov 07 by Kevin Burke.
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Field Read Event

Posted Oct 19 by John Rusling.

We are working on a process in which we want to ensure that users have read a piece of content. I have a memo field and a button that allows them to mark as read but there is no obvious way to ensure that the user actually reads before hitting [more]

Last activity Nov 07 by John Rusling.
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3 eevents row after processing timed action

Posted Apr 26 by Andrea Cammarata.

has anyone ever encountered this problem?

Last activity Sep 16 by Brian Mellert.
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Parent and Child Dropdown loading

Posted Aug 22 by Sathish Kumar.

Hi,   I have two dropdowns Country and State.   When loading the form, i set the first value(Country Values - e.g US) to Parent dropdown.   I want to set the first value(State Values - e.g NY) to [more]

Last activity Aug 26 by DeShoran Smith.
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Spell Checker, Spell Checking

Posted Aug 01 by Melanie Garside.

Hi everyone, has anyone implemented a spell checker in Metastorm BPM processes, something that spell checks text  boxes aswell as memo fields? (so not using the V9 capability on memo fields).   We have used a Google Web Service [more]

Last activity Aug 02 by Melanie Garside.
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