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Automatically setting up API key for deployed apps.

Posted Nov 15 by Paul Esson.
Updated Nov 15.

Is there any way, using the Java API for AppWorks to automatically setup an API key for REST requests to the AppWorks gateway containing the application or does one require the administrator to manually create a trusted server key then set the [more]

Last activity Nov 15 by Eduardo Gomez.
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Unable to connect to Content Server

Posted Nov 28 by Frank Emmanuel.

Hi there, I have setup the AppWorks Gateway successfully on a dev box, and am now trying to connect it to Content Server 10. In the Settings page, I provided the Content Server URL as "http://localhost/OTCS10/livelink.exe" and clicked [more]

Last activity May 14 by Hugh Ferguson.
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Connecting to existing OTDS failed

Posted Feb 15 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Mar 30.

I'm installing OTAG 1.1.5 with the local Oracle XE and an external OTDS 10.5.0, running on Tomcat 7.0.42, JDK 1.7.0_21. OTDS has the patch OTDS-1050-002 applied. The first configuring at the /gateway page ends up with this error: Error: [more]

Last activity Nov 06 by Alvine AGBO.
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Answered How can you test using a browser running on local development machine?

Posted Nov 21 by Eric Borisow.

Hi, I have everything setup ok. I've installed the Sample service and Profiles sample. I can see both installed in the Gateway. Is there a way to view the result using a URL from my local browser? Thanks, Eric

Last activity Nov 22 by Benjamin Chilibeck.
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Answered AppWorks Sample Service Install Error

Posted Nov 20 by INACTIVE Kevin Leclair.
Updated Nov 26 by Werner De Jong.

We are working to install the sample service explained here - [][1]. However, we are receiving the following error. Any ideas? See screenshot: [][2], [more]

Last activity Nov 27 by Marcin Pacyga.
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Answered Initial Config Severe Error

Posted Nov 27 by Sandhya Elenjeril.
Updated Nov 27.

Hello, I am trying to set up the AppWorks Gateway on a local dev machine. I have installed OTDS 10.5 on this box, and am trying to connect AppWorks Gateway to it using the Settings tab. I get the following errors from Tomcat logs on click [more]

Last activity Nov 28 by Sandhya Elenjeril.
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No settings available for applications and services in Appworks gateway.

Posted Dec 11 by sidhartha samal.
Updated Dec 11 by Marcin Pacyga.

In the settings tab of the services and applications installed on appworks gateway it is showing 'No Settings Available'. Please suggest whether we have missed some configuration or how to rectify the same...

Last activity Dec 11 by Benjamin Chilibeck.
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Answered AppWorks Windows/Mac Client

Posted Feb 12 by Paul Story.
Updated Feb 12.

Can anyone direct me to where I can download the desktop client for AppWorks? If I go to the download page: <> I can see instructions where to download [more]

Last activity Feb 13 by Paul Story.
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Unable to choose files in AppWorks from Andriod Mobiles

Posted Mar 13 by Vignesh Athi.
Updated Mar 13 by AppWorks Developer.

Hi, In Appworks app, I am unable to access the browse button in HTML5's "input type='file'" from Android phones. is there any alternates to choose files from Android mobiles in AppWorks?

Last activity Apr 02 by Ville Parviainen.
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Appworks client for Windows 8

Posted May 21 by Tomas Kriska.

Hi! I just wonder if Appwork client will be available also for windows platform/win mobile devices (on windows market). Tomas

Last activity May 22 by Werner De Jong.
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Caching and the need for OTAG to direct Tempo Box users to local OTCS (cache) instances

Posted Sep 02 by Danai Sae-Han.

Hi Tempo Box allows users to store a great deal of their most cherished documents offline. However, for MNCs with a lot of roaming users this could be a problem, as users need to synchronise their documents. Not everyone is willing to host [more]

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AppWorks Gateway connection to Content Sever

Posted Aug 21 by Tyler Ford.
Updated Sep 03.

What standard ports does Appworks Gateway need access to in order to connect to Content Server? If using a clustered CS environment with 2 servers(front-end and back-end), does Appworks need access to the ports on all servers in the clustered [more]

Last activity Sep 03 by Tyler Ford.
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