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AppWorks Gateway Setup version 16.6; Step1 Database Configuration with MS SQL Express

Posted Jun 13 by Jukka Brunfeldt.

Hi, My laptop I run learning/dev environment with sql express version 12. All other like exstream, workshop etc works very well. Now I like to install AppWorks Gateway but I do not manage get right connection settings to MS sqlexpress. My [more]

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HP Exstream - Maximum Error reached

Posted Feb 22 by Ramasamy Regupathy.

Hi, Is there any way we can set the max limit for errors in Exstream control file or any other place when engine run. When I ran the input xml, I am getting maximum error reached and engine stops. when I check the error count it is 8 or sometime [more]

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Using OverlayGetNumPages() in Persuasion 5.6.0

Posted Feb 07 by Andrew Day.

I am trying to attach PDF pages in StoryTeller and this line is failing in 5.6.0 (but works in 5.6.2): $pages = overlayGetNumPages($thisAttachment). In 5.6.2 $pages is 4, which is correct. In 5.6.0 (the value of $thisAttachment is the same and [more]

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Exstream/StreamServe API - GET Documents - Collector (archiveobject)

Posted Dec 05 by Stig Renberg-Larsen.

Hi. has anyone used the function to get document(s) from a Collector database (16.4.1), if so... can you please give me an example? //Stig ;-)

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Exstream 16 (Streamserve engine) does not generate PDF.

Posted Nov 29 by Kanok Chaiyapoom.
Updated Nov 29.

Hi all, For example, we tried to input 50 XML files then Exstream generate 45 pdf, 50 pdf, 30 pdf, etc, randomly. Not sure why this happen, all projects were converted from Streamserve 5.6.1. Please help we stuck with this problem for a [more]

Last activity Dec 03 by Martin van Rappard.
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Exstream 16.4 Swagger UI Authorization

Posted Oct 08 by Patrice Leoncini.
Updated Oct 08.

Hi, I Can access the Swagger UI or Exstream/Streamserve API Rest but not able to pass the Authorization. Need value for client_id ? For information, I Can use and access and try the REST API of OTDS without any problem with otds-api [more]

Last activity Oct 29 by Chaitanya Singanamala.
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Can I call web services from Streamserve script?

Posted Apr 26 by Kanok Chaiyapoom.

Hi All, Can I call web services from Streamserve script to get or set data after the job done? Regards, Kanok

Last activity Jun 28 by Kanok Chaiyapoom.
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Error timetout when try open control center

Posted Apr 09 by Catiano2 Carvalho2.

Shows an error when I try to open the control center for the first time, I think that in the control center installation the port 28300 was opened. Can anyone help me?

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Export Pack to Design Center in Linux

Posted Mar 27 by Catiano2 Carvalho2.

How to make to export package of design center in Lunix?

Last activity Apr 09 by Magnus Ostling.
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Export report direct to excel using __Format parameter option in BIRT Designer Version 4.3.1.

Posted Mar 12 by Latif Patel.

Hi Guru , Export report direct to excel using __Format parameter option in BIRT Designer Version 4.3.1. This __format as parameter working fine in BIRT 232 but not in 431 . Please advise what I need to use for the BIRT 431 Screen [more]

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Creating multiple documents from a single input XML

Posted Feb 28 by Peter Cichowicz.

I would like to find out if it is possible to have one input event (eg: XMLIN) generate multiple documents form a single call. We currently have a business process that produces 'document packs' ie: several documents derived from different [more]

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command setup_connect for sap connect is not running

Posted Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
Updated Oct 13.

Hi , i am running command setup_sap for installing SAP Connect on linux but its not getting run . can anyone please help me if i am missing any step? or need to set environment for setup_sap command on linux? any doc or any link that can [more]

Last activity Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
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