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MediaManager API - update an asset metadata

Posted Jul 01 by Girish Nagarajaiah.

Hello, There is a rest api available to update asset metadata **PATCH /{version: v(4)}/assets/{id}** Below is a sample edit json, I am providing and it works fine: `{ "edited_asset": { "data": { [more]

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OTMM | Rich Media Analysis | MS Azure | BLOB storage

Posted Nov 07 by Dmitry Varakin.

Hello All! We installed and configured Rich Media Analysis service in OpenText Media Management (Cloud) using the Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API. Metadata field group "ARTESIA.CATEGORY.MEDIA ANALYSIS" was added to the corresponding [more]

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OT Media Management API | Create a folder

Posted Oct 02 by Dmitry Varakin.

Hello All! I try to create a folder in OTMM using API method POST /{version: v(4)}/folders/{id}. But I can't figure out how to get the ID and where to specify the id of the parent folder. When I try insert another ID I get a error: "http_response_code": [more]

Last activity Oct 08 by Dmitry Varakin.
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I get an error when I run otmm initiateJob. plz help me

Posted Apr 15 by BongKweon Park.

Good morning. When the createAndInitiateJob function is executed Exception Debug: You do not have an access to this job. Job Type: IMPORT Exception Message Id: message.error.job.initiate.failed Exception Message: An error occurred while [more]

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command setup_connect for sap connect is not running

Posted Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
Updated Oct 13.

Hi , i am running command setup_sap for installing SAP Connect on linux but its not getting run . can anyone please help me if i am missing any step? or need to set environment for setup_sap command on linux? any doc or any link that can [more]

Last activity Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
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Creative review not opening in IFrame in IOS mobile client

Posted Sep 13 by mounika G.

Hi, I am facing an issue when I try to load creative review in iframe in a IOS, it is not working where as it is working fine with android.Can anyone help on this? Thank you.

Last activity Sep 14 by mounika G.
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otmm v2 api auth

Posted Jun 26 by Hristo Ganchev.
Updated Jun 27.

Hi, Could you provide a sample basic authentication to Media Manager API v2. From the examples listed in the forum and documentation i am not able to authenticate. I have tried the following endpoints: If [more]

Last activity Jun 27 by Hristo Ganchev.
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How to use RetrieveImportResultsAgent agent to fetch import job status

Posted Aug 23 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.

Hello Team, I have created custom workflow for Asset Approval in Media management. I am trying to trigger this approval workflow only for passed assets from Asset Import interceptor. However, as my workflow has been called from Import Interceptor, [more]

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Where to deploy custom war or ear in OTMM16

Posted Jul 11 by Raja Kolli.

We are using custom war lets say test.war and till OTMM10.5 we have deployed the war file under <<JBOSS_HOME>>/deploy/teams , now we are in process of migrating to OTMM16 and since OTMM16 is using JBOSS EAP 6.4 I dont find the teams [more]

Last activity Jul 15 by Raja Kolli.
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How to make a call to the OTDS 10.5 "/users/{user_id}/password" put REST API method?

Posted May 18 by Santosh Dhanukonda.

Hi, We have an requirement in our application to reset the password of an OTDS Non-synchronized partition user with an arbitrary string with out knowing his old password, by the application administrator. When we gone through the OTDS [more]

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User Authentication to media management server.

Posted May 12 by Siddhesh Khole.

Hi, I am new to "Open Text". I would like to authenticate user to OTMM through adobe desktop application. Is there any programming guide or sample code which I can refer to? Thank you all in advance.

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