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Textbox Issue with dependants

Posted Jan 20 by Robin Keeley.

I am currently testing MBPM and have run into a slight issue. The process I am testing has a First name field which has dependents of its own. There is a variable assignment when the field changes to update the Preferred name field [more]

Last activity Jan 23 by Brian Mellert.
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Repository Migration Failures

Posted Feb 08 by Brian Mellert.

Tried to use the Repository Migration Assistant on a simple solution today between our development enviroments.   It keeps failing with The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'FragmentStackMapping', database 'e-Work', [more]

Last activity Jan 07 by Brian Mellert.
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Slow App Pool Startup - IIS 6 & IIS 7 - Servers with no Internet access

Posted May 31 by Daniel Michael.
Updated Nov 05.

We've resolved an issue that some customers have been seeing with slow application pool start up times. When I say slow start up times, I mean 2-5 minutes (not 10 seconds). This was happening for customers in secure/closed environments where [more]

Last activity Nov 05 by Matt Michael.
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Using Business Object in a grid with a list

Posted Oct 15 by Pierre Ballon.
Updated Oct 15.

Hi all, I had to struggle a little bit (too much) to find a solution to this question that was obvious in version 5.xx,6.xx and 7.xx. One can find an example attached to this post. It is based on a list of erolename and the grid returns [more]

Last activity Oct 15 by Pierre Ballon.
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Answered MBPM - Validating procedure Error - Map has a stage with a Duplicate name to a stage

Posted Oct 12 by Mohd Rafeea.

Hi, We are testing our maps after upgrading our Metastorm from version 7.5 to 7.6. There is a map and whenever we tried to publish it, we are receiving the following error: > Validating procedure Error - Map "XXX" - has a [more]

Last activity Oct 14 by Pierre Ballon.
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Answered MBPM V9 Dynamic Roles

Posted Oct 08 by Pierre Ballon.

Hi all, I'm trying to address a list of user (Using SelectSQL) to a process variable so it grants these users the targeted dynamic role (as we were doing in version 7). MyRole is populated by a Map1Data.memMyVariable. I can't fix [more]

Last activity Oct 09 by Marcin Pacyga.
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DirectMQ WmqUtils.dll Library to Connect to IBM WebSphere

Posted Oct 08 by Mohd Rafeea.

Hi, We are upgrading our BPM Metastorm from version **7.5** to **7.6**. There is a .xel file which we need to publish. We require it to connect to IBM WebSphere. We tried to imitate whatever we have in the old server, where the application [more]

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Web Service calling an action on a folder

Posted Apr 07 by Mike Gibson.

Ok I can start a process (blank form action) just fine using web services. But I now want to access an action on an existing folder and that looks to be a little trickier, does anyone have a sample accessing a specific action for a folder? I [more]

Last activity Sep 26 by Paul Kaman.
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Visual Studio version

Posted Mar 04 by Pavel Astashonok.
Updated Sep 11 by Marcin Pacyga.

Guys! Have anybody tried to connect Visual Studio 2012 or higher for debugging Metastorm 9.1.2? If it was successfull, please share you experience to everybody - how to achieve this?

Last activity Sep 26 by Paul Kaman.
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Code Management like TFS

Posted Sep 09 by Jacques Budler.

Hi, Has anybody employed TFS to help with the code management where there are multiple people working on the same solution? Regards, Jacques

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Support for windows 8 and IE 10?

Posted Dec 07 by Magnus Frost.

I have a customer running Metastorm BPM 7.6.4 and they have trouble with that some of their freelancers has upgraded to Windows 8. Anybody who knows when Windows 8 and IE 10 can be used with Metastorm BPM 7.6? Is it possible to [more]

Last activity Aug 22 by Thomas Werry.
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Move of forums to knowledge center

Posted Apr 10 by Prakash Kanchan.
Updated Apr 10.

Just want to make sure I understand this accurately ...   \- Existing community central is going to be closed/read only \- All future discussions/forums will be moved to knowledge center \- Knowledge center is only available [more]

Last activity Apr 14 by Karen Weir.
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