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AppWorks Mobile app fails to connect on HTTPS port

Posted Feb 13 by Sunny Ghataura.

Hi, Having installed and configuring AppWorks 16.5, I am running into an issue where the mobile app fails to connect with the following error: ![enter image description here](/awd/content/get/30548166/AppWorks_Error.jpg) If I navigate [more]

Last activity Apr 14 by Shannon Whalen.
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publishing a new version of REST API Documentation

Posted Apr 08 by Alexander Gerasimov.

Hi, What version of OpenAPI should be used to publish a new REST API (OAS2.0, OAS3.0), should it be json or yaml, and what are the steps of the process? Thanks, Alex

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Failed to Callback Case Instance

Posted Sep 06 by Rutvik Rajpura.

I am calling BPM from Lifecycle in one lifecycle state, for some instance of the BPM is properly executed and for some instance its successfully executed but it is showing aborted so due to that instance of lifecycle is not moving to next step. [more]

Last activity Sep 10 by Ethan Beisher.
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External User Interface in AppWorks BPM

Posted Aug 30 by Doaa Farouk.

I defined external user interface in AppWorks platform, with the corresponding input/output schemas and delivery model. Now the problem, when I add the external form to a BPM activity, the activity complete is disabled in the inbox, after running [more]

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MediaManager API - update an asset metadata

Posted Jul 01 by Girish Nagarajaiah.

Hello, There is a rest api available to update asset metadata **PATCH /{version: v(4)}/assets/{id}** Below is a sample edit json, I am providing and it works fine: `{ "edited_asset": { "data": { [more]

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eDocs API request schema

Posted Jun 13 by Tony Casciano.

Where can I find the schema for making requests with the eDocs API? For example, on the API reference page for eDocs API, the POST method for the 'documents' endpoint just shows that the required POST data is 'data'. It doesn't show what the [more]

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AppWorks Gateway Setup version 16.6; Step1 Database Configuration with MS SQL Express

Posted Jun 13 by Jukka Brunfeldt.

Hi, My laptop I run learning/dev environment with sql express version 12. All other like exstream, workshop etc works very well. Now I like to install AppWorks Gateway but I do not manage get right connection settings to MS sqlexpress. My [more]

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Receiving data from other apps in an AppWorks application.

Posted Apr 17 by Nigel Mestach.
Updated Apr 23.

Is there a way to receive data that's shared by other apps? For example the user wants to share a news article on an AppWorks app, the AppWorks app then handles the data and places it in let's say a textfield. - In Android this is called [more]

Last activity Apr 23 by Nigel Mestach.
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Appworks Service audience

Posted Apr 22 by Douglas Gillespie.

I’m writing an AppWorks service in the standard AppWorks Gateway. I’ve set the audience of the service, but users outside of its audience can still execute its methods. Is there a way for my service to check whether or not the authenticated [more]

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Content Server Mobile Integration with AppWorks Gateway????

Posted Mar 25 by Raghu Y.

Hi guys, I would like to connect the content server using CS Mobile app. While configuring content server mobile app getting the following error "Invalid Response Received" I have done the following steps:: -Installed the AppWorks [more]

Last activity Apr 19 by Kishore Kumar.
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Appworks gateway connector to content server

Posted Apr 02 by Arunraj Chandran.

How to connect a content server through the App works gateway.

Last activity Apr 19 by Kishore Kumar.
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Invalid column name 'ID' after upgrade to 16.5.0

Posted Apr 19 by Peter de Vries.

I am trying to upgrade my AppWorks-gateway from version 16.2.1 to 16.5.0 however this fails. I can upgrade to 16.4.0 without problems, but when I upgrade to 16.5.0 (either directly from 16.2.1 or in 2-steps via 16.4.0) the AppWork-gateway wont's [more]

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