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API URL to create a user in OpenText

Posted Jun 07 by Amitava hazra.

Can anyone help to form trial/free developer api URL so that I can call that api to return user (Lets assume to return my logged in user) or to create a sample user in OpenText system. Basically I need OpenText Directory Services REST Push Connector [more]

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How to add Records from Webservices to Database in Opentext

Posted Jul 27 by Sarika Aerolla.

Hi, Just recently completed [Opentext certification from Mindmajix][1]. As of Fresher to the Opentext, I am unable to find how to add Records from Webservice to Database in Opentext.. I have OpenText ECM with Documents, I need to add 1 [more]

Last activity Aug 06 by Greg Griffiths.
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Loading Spinner in Cordys 4.2 and AngularJS on Ajax Call

Posted May 17 by Abdulsalam Khan.
Updated May 18.

How to get "Loading" Spinner in Cordys 4.2,AngularJs Project on $.cordys.ajax() function call if the request is taking time to load. I am Using HTML, AngularJS, Cordys BOP4.2 . Please help..Thanks..

Last activity May 18 by Abdulsalam Khan.
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Posted Apr 05 by Rob Radziszewski.

Is anyone using SetNodeMetaData to update the metadata associated with an OpenText document? I am creating an integration between OpenText and PeopleSoft Procurement 9.1 and need to update metadata attributes when statuses change on the PeopleSoft [more]

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Appworks Gateway Configuration for Tempo Box

Posted Mar 31 by Dibyendu Sen.

We are using Content Server 10.5 and appworks gateway 1.1.6 to set-up Tempo Box.My question is on OpenText AppWorks Gateway Settings screen: 1. Shall we use the existing CS10 content server database Admin user's and Service name or we have [more]

Last activity Apr 06 by Karen Ranger.
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Access link for scanned Invoices

Posted Oct 23 by Kunal Kishan.

Hi Experts, One of our clients are using Open text to store all the scanned invoices. They then generate actual invoices in SAP (Not using OCR and Vendor Invoice Management). At the end of the day, the user gets an email from SAP system with [more]

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OpenText and Siebel interaction

Posted Jul 03 by Srinivasa Talwar.

How to integrate Siebel and OpenText ? are there any connectors available for direct integration ?

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Closed Livelink 9.6.0

Posted Apr 03 by Alejandro Caruso.

Hello, I have two questions: 1.- We are running Livelink 9.6.0 and need to move some 40,000+ documents out because the physical server where its is hosted is going to crash anytime soon.Is it possible to move the documents out of the file [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Werner De Jong.
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