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Get attachments out of eAttachment table

Posted Mar 02 by Jamie Francis.

Hi Is there a way to extract all of the attachments in the `eAttachment` table and put them in a folder or network share? It would also be extremely helpful to be able to put each attachment in a folder made up of the metastorm foldername [more]

Last activity Mar 16 by Brian Mellert.
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Troubleshooting - Admin Tools Service Error

Posted May 07 by Daniel Michael.
Updated Jun 01.

This can be cause by a number of different things, from an engine that's not started to incorrect endpoints. Here is a general list of things to check -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ **1) [more]

Last activity Jun 01 by Daniel Michael.
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Version - Max pool size reached.

Posted Dec 06 by Fadil Kadir.

After upgrading from 9.1 to Version  The web front end stops working and all clients get the error message displayed below to them when they try to click on anything.   **Error Message: Exception 'Timeout expired.  [more]

Last activity May 04 by Richard Noons.
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Moving 'Stuck' Folders from a System Stage

Posted Feb 28 by Metastorm.
Updated May 17 by Joe Smith.

  The information in this article applies to: Product: Metastorm BPM (e-Work) Version: 6.x 7.x ## Issue ## * Folders are entering a system stage, but they're not moving on to the next stage as expected. ## Resolution [more]

Last activity Apr 20 by Paul Goodman.
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Metastorm Deployment Service stopped Working - v9.1.2.2

Posted Jan 28 by Apina Ahilan.

Hi All, Suddenly the deployment service stopped working. When I tried to restart the service I am getting the following warning: **The Metastorm Deployment Service service on local computer started and them stopped.Some services stopped [more]

Last activity Apr 11 by Hiren Chavda.
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Control a field's properties - to toggle the field between Optional and Read Only

Posted Mar 22 by Dean Mueller.

I have a form that a user will open to enter additional info in (say for example after the first quarter of the year has passed). With that, they can update new fields on the form that are specifically for quarterly updates. But on the original [more]

Last activity Mar 25 by Dean Mueller.
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DCOM Configuration issue accessing Metastorm from another machine.

Posted Mar 23 by Raghavendra Sulegaon.

Hi I am trying to install Metastorm on 2012 machine. I have installed Process Engine, Designer and Administrative tools in one machine ( .abc ) and Web Extensions on another machine (.xyz). Both are 2012 machines Metastorm Process [more]

Last activity Mar 21 by Hiren Chavda.
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Action buttons at the bottom of the form don't fully appear in the IE window

Posted Oct 28 by Dean Mueller.

I am trying to determine if this is an IE display thing or if there is a setting/property in the form/..? of the metastorm process I am deploying. When the form appears after the user edits it and it's at a stage where the I have numerous actions [more]

Last activity Feb 26 by Hiren Chavda.
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Need help with scripted business objects

Posted Jul 22 by Mike Gibson.

The documentation with 9.1 has not helped me too much. Does anyone have a simple example of how to create a scripted business object?   thanks

Last activity Jan 26 by Bryan Carter.
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Get file contents from attachment clip

Posted Oct 03 by Eric Schiavo.

Is there any way to get a file's contents from an attachment clip? Basically, I want to upload an XML folder with some data in it, open the file in code, perform validations on the file's contents, and throw a flag to kick off a new folder based [more]

Last activity Dec 17 by Richard Noons.
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Accessing Metastorm objects from custom libraries

Posted Nov 08 by Piotr Perak.

Hi.   Instead of working in Metastorm designer we would prefer to use Visual Studio with Resharper. No matter how good Metastorm Designer is it will never be as good as he above pair.   We have no problems calling our custom [more]

Last activity Nov 09 by Richard Noons.
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Comment Causes Code Deletion from Conditional Action or Calculation Formula

Posted Apr 26 by Metastorm.

The information in this article applies to: Product: Metastorm BPM Version: 7.x ## Issue ## * In the Formula Editor in the Process Designer, a line of code and a line containing a comment are added to *Only start action if* [more]

Last activity Sep 23 by karim mohamed.
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