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Metastorm BPM Versions

Posted May 14 by Paul Denton.

Metastorm BPM uses a four part version numbering system.   <Product Version>.<Point Release>.<Service Release>.<Hotfix Reference>   i.e. = Product Version 7, Point Release 5, [more]

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Customizing the metastorm default content

Posted Aug 04 by Bokkasam Manasa.

How to customize the tick mark(submit) and a wrong mark(cancel)  that comes with metastorm form when deployed.   For example i wanted use a different name in place of tick mark or wrong mark,please suggest me what should be done [more]

Last activity Oct 06 by Rob Vignerot.
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Grid Column Alignment

Posted Aug 17 by Paul Lawrence.

With, MBPM v9.0.1.1 the alignment of grid columns leaves something to be desired.  In IE8, the total width of all the columns must be the width of the grid component less 4px otherwise the columns will start to get mis-aligned.  If [more]

Last activity Aug 07 by William Tanner.
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can we substitute the CROSS MARK button with some other icon in the stage

Posted Aug 24 by thiru rao.

Hi....All,   Can we place some other icon in place of the CROSS MARK button in the stage?   (or)   Can we disable the CROSS MARK in the stage? (I used eworkShowCancel(false) on formload and i disabled the [more]

Last activity Aug 24 by Rob Vignerot.
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Is it possible to link a Metastorm Blank From f.e. to a Website?

Posted Sep 08 by Jürgen Scherer.

If i try to copy this Adress for example "<a data-ignore="a/b" target="_blank" href=""></a>   open [more]

Last activity Jan 04 by Paul Denton.
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framework 4.0 DLL

Posted Sep 09 by Jeff x.

I'm calling several external DLLs from within Metastorm functions. I had to update one of them from framework 3.5 (VS 2008) to the new 4.0 (VS 2010) which has caused it to quit working. Has anyone successfully used 4.0? I'd rather [more]

Last activity Jan 12 by Paul Denton.
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populating a column in the grid depending on the selection of another column value

Posted Sep 27 by Bokkasam Manasa.

I have to select a value from the column(which of type dropdown) in a grid,on selction of which another column value need to be populated which is also a dropdown.   Columns values are coming from two different tables.Does metastorm [more]

Last activity Sep 27 by Jerome Pearce.
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Attributes for Level 0 (Context) to Level 5 (Steps)

Posted Oct 03 by Ankush Jain.

Hi, I am looking for process attributes list for Level-0 (Context), Level-1 (Domain) upto Level-5 (Steps). Could you please help... I need to map these attributes to process flows. Thanks,

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Best practices for code and release management

Posted Oct 04 by Chad Cooper.

Are there any best practices available on ways to: Manage designer code between developers (how to prevent overwriting) Manage changes to solutions between environments? How to generate a build from changes to release to production?   We [more]

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A Common Place to Store all the Visual Scripts.

Posted Oct 18 by satyawan singh.

Hi,   I was just going through the best practices which we should adopt in Metastorm while making a project. So, for that I wanted to place all my Visual Scripts at a single place and then referencing them through the Form Events.     So, [more]

Last activity Oct 19 by satyawan singh.
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V9 Web Based Delta Class

Posted Nov 05 by Neil Hudspeth.

Can someone tell me if the Web based training class is like a webinar where you listen and see slides or whether it’s a Training Class delivered across the web?   For example, can you ask the instructor questions if you don’t [more]

Last activity Nov 05 by Brian Murray.
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Using Flags to move Folders

Posted Nov 12 by Rupesh Sharma.

Good Afternoon,   I am trying to move all of the folders in one stage to another, at one time.  Is this possible using a flag?  Thanks.

Last activity Nov 15 by Rupesh Sharma.
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