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Support for windows 8 and IE 10?

Posted Dec 07 by Magnus Frost.

I have a customer running Metastorm BPM 7.6.4 and they have trouble with that some of their freelancers has upgraded to Windows 8. Anybody who knows when Windows 8 and IE 10 can be used with Metastorm BPM 7.6? Is it possible to [more]

Last activity Aug 22 by Thomas Werry.
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Metastorm Community Central Transition to OpenText Knowledge Center

Posted Mar 06 by Karen Weir.
Updated Mar 06.

Important News about the transition to OpenText Knowledge Center     **Customer Support** **New Phone Numbers and Email Address for Customer Support:** US: +1-800-970-\*\*\*\* International: +1-585-424-\*\*\*\* [][] [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Karen Weir.
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Migration from Metastorm BPM 7 to 9

Posted Mar 23 by Jerome Pearce.

The support for version 7 of Metastorm BPM is nearly at an end. Many customers have version 7 systems. Many even have version 6 systems still running. These will probably need to be migrated to Metastorm BPM 9. As well as allowing continued [more]

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Getting occasional error 'Type mismatch.'. Error code = %2." Please help.

Posted Nov 06 by System Infrastructure.

Hi,   I hope this is the correct place to raise this (while I hunt for our support contact).   I'm running a clustered pair of MetaStorm BPM servers at versions:   Install Build - Web Build -   A [more]

Last activity Mar 04 by Devi Annamalai.
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Documentation is where exactly?

Posted Feb 20 by Jon Busko.

Where can I locate the product documentation for version 7.6.x.  Thank you.

Last activity Mar 01 by Ethan Beisher.
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Map segments - reusability

Posted Dec 28 by Prax Kan.

This might be a noob question - I've never used map segments, and documentation on it is almost non-existent. Usecase: \--------- We have 3-4 procedures that have a form segment that basically show the same information, and [more]

Last activity Dec 28 by Prax Kan.
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v7 Managers Edition

Posted Nov 24 by Jaspal Hayre.

Hey all   Could someone confirm if there was/ is a v7 managers edition of the designer as with v5 and v6?   Thanks Jas

Last activity Nov 25 by Jerome Pearce.
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Script execution timed out. Error: Thread was being aborted.

Posted Oct 10 by Rui Miranda.

Hello all,   I've been getting quite frequently the same error in elog, when calling a .net webservice via B2B integrator, the error is the following:   Unable to execute script entry point 'EPO.WS.Invoke'.  Reason [more]

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Send Metastorm Designed Form to SharePoint Document Library

Posted Mar 28 by timothy koss.

Hi.  We are using BPM 7.6 and SharePoint 2010.  What is needed to automatically send a completed BPM process form to a SharePoint Document Library?  Thanks.

Last activity Jun 11 by Bjoern Nettingsmeier.
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Digitized Signature field.

Posted Jun 08 by timothy koss.

Has anyone been able to create a digitized signature field within BPM 7.6 designed form?    

Last activity Jun 08 by Jerome Pearce.
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Automatic create folder

Posted Jun 01 by Rui Miranda.
Updated Jun 01.

Hi, we are trying automatically create a eFolder, without the user needing to open a Metastorm Form.We have tried calling all the store procedures that we profiled during the opening and submission of the user form. We managed to automate [more]

Last activity Jun 06 by Paul Lawrence.
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Metastorm BPM 7.6.4 Hotfix 2 (

Posted Apr 30 by Joe Smith.

**Product:                          Metastorm BPM** **Release:                          7.6 [more]

Last activity Apr 30 by Joe Smith.
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