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Version - Max pool size reached.

Posted Dec 06 by Fadil Kadir.

After upgrading from 9.1 to Version  The web front end stops working and all clients get the error message displayed below to them when they try to click on anything.   **Error Message: Exception 'Timeout expired.  [more]

Last activity May 04 by Richard Noons.
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Need help with scripted business objects

Posted Jul 22 by Mike Gibson.

The documentation with 9.1 has not helped me too much. Does anyone have a simple example of how to create a scripted business object?   thanks

Last activity Jan 26 by Bryan Carter.
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Case360 - Casefolder

Posted Jan 23 by Luis Eduardo Soares.

I have a situation in which when there is a Casefolder I'm not able to return to the home screen. The only way to access the home is opening a new IE tab. I wonder if there is any java code to implement a workaround solution. Best regards, Luis. If [more]

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Get file contents from attachment clip

Posted Oct 03 by Eric Schiavo.

Is there any way to get a file's contents from an attachment clip? Basically, I want to upload an XML folder with some data in it, open the file in code, perform validations on the file's contents, and throw a flag to kick off a new folder based [more]

Last activity Dec 17 by Richard Noons.
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Accessing Metastorm objects from custom libraries

Posted Nov 08 by Piotr Perak.

Hi.   Instead of working in Metastorm designer we would prefer to use Visual Studio with Resharper. No matter how good Metastorm Designer is it will never be as good as he above pair.   We have no problems calling our custom [more]

Last activity Nov 09 by Richard Noons.
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stored procedure on button click does not work

Posted Aug 10 by Carolyn Anderson.

I want a button which does a server-side operation to execute a stored procedure which deletes a row out of a custom table in my metastorm database, so I used the 'execute stored procedure' option in the designer. I'm passing in a number [more]

Last activity May 01 by Brian Mellert.
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populate values in grid on a button click

Posted Aug 31 by thiru rao.

Hi…All, Can it be possible to populate grid with some values when we click on a command button?   Ex: I have one database which contains some data.I have to fetch that data in to business object basing on two or more search [more]

Last activity Apr 29 by Louise Caldicott.
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Opening for Metastrom BPM

Posted Dec 13 by Rajesh Jeya Prakash.

**Client: Syntel Inc Position: Metastorm BPM Lead Location: Nashville, TN Duration: Full Time (Long Term)** ** ** **Job Description:** • Develop custom Metastorm BPM solutions written in .Net / C\#. • [more]

Last activity Feb 02 by Harmandeep Dhillon.
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Web Service calling an action on a folder

Posted Apr 07 by Mike Gibson.

Ok I can start a process (blank form action) just fine using web services. But I now want to access an action on an existing folder and that looks to be a little trickier, does anyone have a sample accessing a specific action for a folder? I [more]

Last activity Sep 26 by Paul Kaman.
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Visual Studio version

Posted Mar 04 by Pavel Astashonok.
Updated Sep 11 by Marcin Pacyga.

Guys! Have anybody tried to connect Visual Studio 2012 or higher for debugging Metastorm 9.1.2? If it was successfull, please share you experience to everybody - how to achieve this?

Last activity Sep 26 by Paul Kaman.
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Move of forums to knowledge center

Posted Apr 10 by Prakash Kanchan.
Updated Apr 10.

Just want to make sure I understand this accurately ...   \- Existing community central is going to be closed/read only \- All future discussions/forums will be moved to knowledge center \- Knowledge center is only available [more]

Last activity Apr 14 by Karen Weir.
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Answered Blank parameters for business objects

Posted Apr 10 by Michael Turek.

\* This is part of a form segment for a library   I have a BO setup based off a view.  In the view I have code that is something like,   select \* from myTable where @myValue = "" or @myValue = TableValue   Basically, [more]

Last activity Apr 11 by Michael Turek.
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