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Can you secure .Net WS with OTDS as Authentication Server

Posted Jun 06 by Nick Furness.

Hi, I am after finding out if i can secure a web service to people who have logged into OTDS first, in this particular case Content Server. We make calls to the we service via javascript and would like to make the experience seemless to [more]

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Content Server - Override WebNode action with a Javascript call

Posted Aug 03 by Nick Furness.

Hi, Is it possible to change the override we currently have that allows us to change the action performed on a document to go to a URL that invokes our viewer. Would it be possible to the same behaviour but call a javascript function with [more]

Last activity Aug 06 by Greg Griffiths.
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How to reach Archived documents from web

Posted Jun 26 by Kiet Nhu.

Hello, We have SAP and used the OT Archive solution to store Archived Invoices from SAP to a Server. Question, now we want to call the server from a website and display that archived PDF Document. Question: how do I call the Server, [more]

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The Parameter is incorrect

Posted Feb 09 by Koo Barry.

I have configured the content web service on our server. I can browse the svc such as authentication.svc through the URL, it return the correct content. But when I call the content web service from my .Net application to do authentication, [more]

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