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How to return Category values when doing a search?

Posted Jul 19 by Rafal Perwinski.

I'm sending a POST request to api/v2/search with parameters - where (LQL where clause (complex query mode)) *Attr_354054_2:123456 and OTLocation:15954132* - select (List of regions to return, e.g. { 'OTName','OTFileSize', ... } Adding [more]

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Looking for some examples on using REST API for workflows

Posted Feb 13 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.

Hello, We are currently doing a POC on using Content Server 16.2.3 REST API for Workflows for below scenarios: • Initiate workflows using Alpaca forms • Upload docs before we initiate workflows • Show form data in Alapaca [more]

Last activity Jul 03 by Vishal Kashellkar.
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publishing a new version of REST API Documentation

Posted Apr 08 by Alexander Gerasimov.

Hi, What version of OpenAPI should be used to publish a new REST API (OAS2.0, OAS3.0), should it be json or yaml, and what are the steps of the process? Thanks, Alex

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CS REST API 16.2 - Is the Upload Directory used when uploading document through REST API

Posted Dec 18 by Markus Thelesklav.

Hi, The Content Server Upload Directory is supposed to be used for any document upload to Content Server. Is this also the case when uploading a document via the REST API? Cheers, Markus

Last activity Feb 14 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Documentum REST: Import and Export D2 Property page

Posted Dec 16 by Janzelle Laguardia.

Hi, Im new with D2FS and Im wondering if it is possible to import and export D2 Property page (XML form) using D2FS. I have tried a few URIs but I only get response starting on Properties Dialog node, I am trying to get response starting [more]

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Official web site and forum for CS UI Widgets announced

Posted Jan 06 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Jan 06.

CS UI Widgets have been integrated to CS core in CS 16. They have become the framework to base CS Smart UI on. CS UI SDK has been released for CS 16.0.3 or newer. Downloads, documentation and forum have been placed to OpenText "My Suipport" [more]

Last activity Sep 23 by Jose Luis Fernandez Ramirez.
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Authenticating to Content Server REST API 16.2 (Using CWS Services)

Posted Jul 29 by Saba Seyrafi.

Hi, I'm making use of the Content Server (16.2) REST API in a custom front end web application. The application is powered by AppWorks services in the backend. It predominantly makes use of the Content Web Services (CWS) for a majority of [more]

Last activity Aug 14 by Ijaz Ahmad.
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Answered Create Document via REST

Posted Mar 09 by Marimuthu D.
Updated Apr 09 by Werner De Jong.

How to create a document in CS10 using REST API..? Can someone share a sample code. Thanks..

Last activity Jul 15 by Chari Mangalagiri.
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Post file to REST Service

Posted Jul 05 by Dennis Foy.

Im using Fiddler at the moment to test the upload Capability using REST API of 16.4.1. Im not sure what properties or query string to use and I get the following response back... {"status":400,"code":"E_INPUT_MESSAGE_NOT_READABLE","message":"The [more]

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How to add a document and adding the category to the content server 16.2 with one Api call?

Posted Jun 26 by Hemanth Kumar Chelikani.

here is my post man request. ![enter image description here](/awd/content/get/30638279/Postman.PNG)

Last activity Jul 01 by Monty Jordan.
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Content Server REST API Complex JSON

Posted Jul 01 by Monty Jordan.

I heard there is a way to create a file with category attribute values in one call by making a complex JSON object to encapsulate all the information. Can someone share with me the structure of this complex JSON? Referencing this knowledge [more]

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MediaManager API - update an asset metadata

Posted Jul 01 by Girish Nagarajaiah.

Hello, There is a rest api available to update asset metadata **PATCH /{version: v(4)}/assets/{id}** Below is a sample edit json, I am providing and it works fine: `{ "edited_asset": { "data": { [more]

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