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Comparing APIs - CWS vs AppWorks vs CS REST API 1.0

Posted Jul 22 by Harvey Flaisher.


Could someone please post the differences between these three APIs? What services are available with CS 10? are there more available w/CS 10.5?

I have read this,, which was helpful, but would be more useful to display a grid showing cs10/cs10.5 for CWS calls, REST API 1.0 calls and AppWorks calls (6 columns) and then having rows showing features, then putting checkmarks in the grid. I want to use REST (AppWorks?) since they are presumably simpler than CWS, but I am completely confused by which of these 3 products does what. We need to have CRUD capabilities for workflow and attached docs. Will any/all of the above do this?

I could use this ASAP, since we need to decide on a direction for our project right now.

thank you

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