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Deploying a Webapp versus a Mobile App

Posted Nov 22 by INACTIVE Kevin Leclair.

How do we deploy a webapp in the new AppWorks platform?

We have been able to successfully a mobile app (compressed package), but we need the ability to deploy webapps also that are accessible via a URL. For example,

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Great question Kevin, Web apps are just part of the application package in AppWorks. When you zip up you app payload (index.html, assets, javascript, etc) you zip it into a file called "". You do the same for web, and call it (the difference being any web or mobile specific features - ie: the web app may not call cordova).

Then both the web, and mobile zips are zipped once more with a properties file and icon for appworks and deployed to the AppWorks Gateway. By default the web app version for browsers will be available at http(s)://<>/webaccess/

Let me know if that helps!

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Thanks for the prompt response, but I am not sure I follow your response. Is there a walk-thru like there is for the app install.

These webapps are external (third-party) HTML5 apps that we only have access via the URL, so we do not have the ability to package up source like we did with the app install. Does that make sense?

We only have a URL to this webapp that we need to deploy via the AppWorks runtime. For example,

Can you also please elaborate on this "By default the web app version for browsers will be available at http(s):///webaccess/" - are you saying we should be able to also access our apps outside of the AppWorks runtime, just via a browser? If so, can you please elaborate?

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This site is an example of a web app as Adam described it above.

If you can't package the HTML of the site because it is third party or SaaS or is generated by a dynamic language (ASP.Net or JSP) you have at least these alternatives:

  1. Make a web app wrapper as Adam suggests. In the index.html try a frame/iFrame as you are in a desktop web browser when using the webaccess deployment
  2. Reproduce the existing App as a new app against an API form the provider.


Tim Davis - OpenText Professional Services

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Thanks - what if neither of the options you have presented are a viable option? Could we not just 'link' to the third-party app within the runtime app. IE - have an installable 'link' (, icon.png, and 'link' vs. installable HTML) to this third-party app where we could control access to the 'link' of this third-party app via the admin ui?

Does that make sense, and would this be a viable option?

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I believe "Shortcut" apps are the solution here.

  1. Create an icon, as you normally would for an AppWorks App.
  2. Create an file as you normally would for an AppWorks App.
  3. In list the "type" as "shortcut" instead of app.
  4. Add the following setting:
  5. Zip the two files up as
  6. Install this in the AppWorks Gateway.

If you do this you'll now have an app show up on mobile devices which will bring up the configured URL when clicked. If the site is on a different domain than the AWG it will open in a local browser without access to any session information from AppWorks. This hosted app will also not be able to make cordova calls inside the AppWorks Client.

Is this more what you were looking for Kevin?

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Yes - this is along the lines of what I am looking to accomplish. I was able to install the app via the admin ui using the following details in the file.

However it is throwing an error - "Unable to launch application".

Any ideas?







enter image description here enter image description here

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Any ideas - how to resolve this errors? Alex and I worked through this and we thought it might be an out-dated runtime (app) on my iOS devices. However, that did not resolve the issues and I need to demo these shortcut type apps ASAP.

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Hi Kevin,

Since both your app and mine work in our test environments (iOS and Android) would it be possible for you to:

  1. Try running the app in Android (apk is available for install on the download page).
  2. Update your server to the shipped version (also available on the download page).

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  1. Since there are issues ( with installing the android version on my device I am not sure this is an option. I am primarily testing on iOS, which is not currently working.
  2. We are running the latest version of OTAG - I updated our server to the latest version the week you guys were at Enterprise World.

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