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Command Button Not Working For Some

Posted Nov 07 by John Rusling.

We have a form with some fields, a button and a read only grid (simply put). When the user fills in the fields and clicks the button the information from the fields is added to a database and then is reflected in the read only grid. This works perfectly fine for most. But we have encountered a few machines in our organization with a problem. The problem is that the user clicks the button and NOTHING HAPPENS. No error message. No insert to the DB….. just nothing. We know it is something on the machine because changing the machine or reloading thhe image solves the problem. Of course we would like to identify the cause of the problem so we don't have to reload the machine everytime.


My question for the community is what kind of issue/configuration could prevent that button from working? ANY ideas would be appreciated.



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Often times when this has happened in the past, clearing the browser cache files on the reluctant machines will resolve the issue.

One might assume that the cached javascript that is referred to by that page is truncated or corrupted.

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