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Field Read Event

Posted Oct 19 by John Rusling.

We are working on a process in which we want to ensure that users have read a piece of content. I have a memo field and a button that allows them to mark as read but there is no obvious way to ensure that the user actually reads before hitting the button. I would like to disable the button until at least the user scrolls to the bottom of the field and then enable it dynamically. Any thoughts?

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The only way to ensure that users have done what they are told is to stand behind them with a big stick.



On a more serious note - We have a similar situation which we have addressed as follows. There is a peice of text which says 'I confirm I have read the above conditions' with a tick box beside it. When the user ticks the box then the button which allows them to proceed appears.


No guarentee that they have read the conditions but at least we have proof that they said they had!


The other thing you could do is to make the form layout taller than the actual form height so they get a scroll bar. Put the button at the bottom and they will have to scroll down to see it and click it.




BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

You can achieve this using javascript in your form - it will basically check the scroll location and once a user scrolled to the bottom it will enable the button:


These functions will do the trick: (Call init on body load and change field names as in your forms)

function init() {
                var tc = document.getElementsByName("agreement")[0];
                tc.addEventListener("scroll", function() {
                    }, false);
            function checkScrollPosition(){
                var agreementTxtElmt= document.getElementsByName("agreement")[0] 
                if ((agreementTxtElmt.scrollTop + agreementTxtElmt.offsetHeight) >= agreementTxtElmt.scrollHeight){
                        document.getElementsByName("acceptBtn")[0].disabled = false;



BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Thanks Thomas! I will give that a try and come back here with the results.

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