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Spell Checker, Spell Checking

Posted Aug 01 by Melanie Garside.

Hi everyone, has anyone implemented a spell checker in Metastorm BPM processes, something that spell checks text  boxes aswell as memo fields? (so not using the V9 capability on memo fields).


We have used a Google Web Service but it suddenly stopped working due to a change they had made, and therefore we are looking into alternatives to ensure that we can deliver a consistent service with it suddenly stopping.


Opentext have suggested jspell, they know of customers using this, and they suggested posting on here to see if any of you out there have used anything that you would recommend.


If you use a free service, all the better, but paid for services may be of interest also


Many thanks in advance for your help and advice


Lol I just noticed the 'Spell Check' facility on this forum!! That would be ideal!!

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I would be interested in a more "robust" spell check option.  The one on RTF is decent, but its only for the one field type.  We have another spell check implemented, but it is still specific to other fields (a special case of the Telerik editor implemented with V9, which we implemented with V7 since an RTF wasn't available then.)


We also have, in V7, integrated with MS*Word.  I have not tried to implement that in a V9 solution yet.  It works OK, but is a bit cumbersome to work with.  (And since I haven't implemented that in V9, I'm not sure it will work as well.)

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

While I'm sure this isn't feasible for your situation, I just use Firefox with it's built in spellchecker.

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.


We only support IE, so the Firefox spell check is not something we could go for, but thanks anyway.


Hopefully Opentext may enhance the spell checker to  be across all field types in the future.


I may enquire.

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