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ToDo and Watch List Filter Unreliable

Posted Jul 09 by Richard Burt.

Several of our users have complained that the filter on the work lists is unreliable.


Say you have work in several processes and you filter the work list to dispaly only Process1. Say you have more items in Process1 than will fit on one page. When you click the next page button to display the second page the filter clears and work from all processes is displayed.


We have side-by-side configured and this is especially confusing for people who have residual work in a v7 process and new work in the matching v9 process. Sometimes changing the 'stage' filter will actually flip the 'Process' filter from the v9 process back to the v7 process.


This doesn't happen every time - it is intermittent. We are on Version 9.2.0, Web Build of the MBPM client.


Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone know if it is due to be fixed?




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Yup, often have the same problem. Oddly, it appeared to rectify itself in one installation we no longer use, but I have no idea why.

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