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Can you secure .Net WS with OTDS as Authentication Server

Posted Jun 06 by Nick Furness.


I am after finding out if i can secure a web service to people who have logged into OTDS first, in this particular case Content Server.
We make calls to the we service via javascript and would like to make the experience seemless to the end user.

I have read about setting up Oauth2 client but setting up the web service as a resource client and logging in will not stop people accessing our web service.

I am trying to achieve the idea of the web service redirecting to OTDS if not logged in and once logged in redirect back.
Then in theory once the user has logged into Content Server our web service will not redirect as will have checked the token provided by OTDS.

Any examples, pointers or knowing if this is possible yet or not would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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