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Content Server REST API - search entire folder path in one call

Posted Aug 13 by Robert Foster.

Hi, I am brand new at using REST and working with Content Server (16.2.4 in this case ). I am tasked with locating, then downloading, a specific file. That file might be in a folder structure similar to this "folder 1/folder2/folder 3/tgtFile". I have been able to find tgtFile using ARC with a body of "OTName:tgtFile AND OTLocation:12345" ( where 12345 is folder2's nodeID ). Since there might be other "folder2" folders and "tgtFile" files under different higher level folders, I need to walk the entire path.
The question is - do I need to first get the OTlocation of EACH folder level individually and walk my way down to the "folder 3" OTLocation, or is there a way to use the entire folder path in a single call to access tgtFile ? Thanks for your help.

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Hi Robert,
It’s not the case of rest api, but search features.
To narrow your search you should use direct parent of document. That is otlocation of folder3.
Depending on your folder structures use the best way to find folder3 ID and use it in you search (hope under folder3 there are no others sub folder3s and tgtFiles :-)?)

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