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Configure appworks gateway - unable to select the Internal use license?

Posted Mar 14 by Kare Berget.


When your first starting to configure the appworks gateway, you have to select internal use/evaluation license. When selecting the license for internal use, and clicking "Proceed", I get the following error:
"We were unable to complete the license selection!"

Same error shows up when selecting Evaluation license.
I've done this multiple times in multiple enviornments, but never seen this issue before.
Any idea on what might cause this?

Kåre Berget
Contesto AS

2 Answers

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.


When you submit the EULA acceptance screen the page should send a POST request to the following endpoint of the Gateway



With a JSON payload like this


And get an HTTP 200 response

The choice should then be written into the eulaselection table in the AppWorks DB

What do you see if you look at that request in the browser developer tools

I would also take a look in the GW logs


BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.


A 500 internal error is thrown after the v3/admin/status/eula request is sent.

Should hopefully be able to figure out what's causing this.

Thanks for your input with this issue!

Kåre Berget
COntesto AS

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