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Error activating OTDS resource

Posted Mar 07 by Matthew Barben.

Hi There,

I am installing an Appworks server (16.2.1) and it appears to be failing on activating the external OTDS resource:

2018-03-08 04:39:08,8152018-03-08T04:39:08,815 [http-nio-80-exec-7] ERROR auth.otds.OtdsInstaller - Failed to activate OTDS resource null
com.opentext.otag.exception.OTAGHttpException: null

It is attempting to connect to OTDS 16.2.3 - has anyone else run across this error message before?

2 Answers

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Hi Matthew

Is anything logged in the OTDS server logs ?

I assume you have set this attribute on the OTDS side to false if your AppWorks to OTDS connection is not over HTTPS

directory.auth.EnforceSSL false

As detailed at the end of this page

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Hi Simon,

That option was selected - the issue was the for HTTPS the OTDS server is sitting behind IIS which is acting as a proxy. Even though the configuration works for Content Server and Archive Server (and I can see the successful REST API requests coming through WireShark).

For what ever reason the response that Appworks is not in the right format

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