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The Scanner plugin AWScanner is not working

Posted Jul 11 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Jul 11.

AWScanner is not working: I am using AppWorks 16.2.1 and when I am trying to invoke scan document function it's not working.
Does anyone tried this so far? Appreciate your help. I am using the example code from

var scan = function (returnType) {
                    var scanner = new Appworks.Scanner();
                      returnType, // Set the return type: 0 = filepath, 1 = base64, 2 = doc provider (will return a filepath as well)
                      function(successMessage) {
                        // Called when the scan completes and returns successfully
                        // Success message will be a string

                      }, function(errorMessage) {
                        // Called when the scan fails or a cancelled
                        // error message will be string

When I am trying to use the scanner with the following button in my index.html It's not invoking the scanner and even not displaying any error.

 <button onclick="scan(0)"> Scan </button>

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Hi Sagar,

Instead of: var scanner = new Appworks.Scanner();

Try: var scanner = new Appworks.AWScanner();

In the latest version of appworks.js for desktop, the Appworks.AWxxx classes have been aliased so you can use, for example, Appworks.AWScanner() and Appworks.Scanner().

However, this has not made it into the Android or iOS clients just yet as more testing is needed.

Please let me know if using AWScanner solves this issue for you.

Kind regards,

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Hi Nick,
Thanks for your time.

But even var scanner = new Appworks.AWScanner(); didn't work either.

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Hi Sagar,

Are you using iOS or Android?

The latest version of the Android client on the play store doesn't contain the scanner as it has only recently been completed on Android.

The latest version of the iOS client in the app store does have the scanner plugin.


BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Hi Sagar,

Even I am facing the same issue with the scanner plugin .Please let me know if its working for you.I am using 16.3 AppWorks version.

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