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ExStream - Document Release API

Posted Jun 12 by Bram Janssen.

Hi all,

I am currently testing the Exstream API as described on the Appworks page ( I have managed to create a first flow for the document creation through retouch and I am now struggling to get the document released.

The documentation states the following with regards to releasing a document:

PUT /v1/documents/{documentId}?where_revision={revision}

I have applied this in my request, resulting in the following request:


The response of the server:

{ "status": "error", "message": "Missing URI template variable 'document_id' for method parameter of type String"}

It seems that there still something wrong with my request. Can anyone help me with this request? Is there anyone with experience in using the Exstream/CCE API in interactive contexts?

Many thanks for your feedback!

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