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Get categories attributes using REST

Posted Jul 05 by Cristian Suciu.


"GET /api/v1/ping" returns


If I do a "GET /api/v1/nodes/{category_id}/content" the body contains all the attributes in some format, ex:

"… <1,?,'DisplayName'='attDateField','FixedRows'=true,'ID'=2,'MaxRows'=1,'NumRows'=1,'Required'=false,'Search'=true,'TimeField'=false,'Type'=-7>…"

  1. Is there any documentation about this format?
  2. Are there any other REST calls to get the same info in JSON, directly from the category object?

"GET /api/v1/nodes/{doc_id}/categories/{cat_id}" returns all the category attributes but I need to know them before applying a category to a document.


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The answer is:

GET /api/v1/forms/nodes/properties/specific?id={category_id}

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