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Handling of (encrypted) content

Posted Feb 25 by Peter Sorensen.

Can anyone briefly describe to me what capabilities AppWorks is providing for sending and storing encrypted content in mobile devices?

I believe we have SSL on the transport between the Appworks Gateway and the mobile device. But is a document stored in the cache of the mobile device also encrypted?

Lastly, what if the content is encrypted at rest, e.g. encrypted and stored/managed by the Content Server. Would AppWorks simply deliver the document to the mobile device in the encrypted state?

Many thanks


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I suspect that the file will be transferred over HTTPS and then stored locally on the device in whatever storage the device offers, e.g. on device/SD Card etc and its up to the settings on the device to cover encryption or not - something which most offer by default and should be done.

OpenText do offer some DRM type solutions which may provide the additional level of protection you are seeking to protect your content.

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Good Morning Peter

In the new AppWorks 16 mobile clients ,via our JavaScript API AppWorks JS , we make control how the data is stored on the device file system

The use of AppWorks JS is documented on our Github account @

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Many thanks Greg and Simon.

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