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Emails of subtype 749 stored in CS and REST API (moving, getting email body...)?

Posted Sep 30 by Matthias Schürhoff.

Hi everybody,

I have problems moving emails of subtype 749 within the Content Server from one folder to another. The request works for folders, text documents, jpegs and so on but with email objects I get the error "400 Bad request". I use the following request:


When I send a request for getting information about an email node then I get strange information in the data block:

    "reserved_user_id": 0,
     "type": 749,
     "type_name": "Unbekannt",
     "volume_id": 25602

Why do I get "Unknown" (= "Unbekannt") for type_name? Is this the reason for the issue with the moving action? Maybe there's something misconfigured within our CS regarding the subtypes?

What I also would like to know is how to get the email body (text) and the separate attachments (if available) by the REST API. I can only get the whole content of the email which is not in a readable format (at least for humans:-).

Thanks for any help and best regards,


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I am afraid that e-mail and email folder subtypes do not have yet the full support in the CS REST API. They turn up when browsing their parents, but anything else may fail.

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Hi Ferdinand,
thanks for the info. I just got the information that emails should be supported since around CS update 2014-12. We are on 2014-06 and want to update when 2015-12 is available. After that at the latest I will know if it works nor not:-)
Regards, Matthias

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