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StreamServe AppWorks Integration Scenarios...

Posted Jun 12 by Mitesh Kothari.

Can someone suggest me If I have to ntegrate the AppWorks with StremServe, what can be the usecases can be considered.

In AppWorks, can find Client and Server component - does AppWorks have Gateway / Server component for StreamServe tool ?

Or can I think of developing applciation have 1 form which capture the dynamic data for the user / data entry type of form.. on submit of the form .. XML with predefined format placed on to the shared location and which can be used as a inputs to XMLIn of StreamServe..

can someone provide such scenaio or example .. how to move forwad in this regard…

Any thoughts/pointers/ suggestion please.. purpose of this using appworks is, i can access the appliaction from Mobile / ioS device…

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There is currently no AppWorks API for Streamserve available. I recommend checking out the Streamserve Community.

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Thank you for response.

I am new to Appworks and StreamServe both, I have 1 scenario to discuss.

Consider I create 1 appworks application using HTML5,CSS and Javascript to capture the user input data for example personal details, keep the data in XML format to shared drive and use StreamServe OOTB XMLIn connector to consume the XML using FTP and generate the personalized content and publish the final Document.

This is just thought and need to understand - what things need to be developed on Appworks for such scenario, what will be the role of service layer.

will it be simple Java code to capture the data from app and prepare the XML and place onto the share drive…

can someone share thought on above ?


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