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Appworks and External Web Apps

Posted May 14 by Tyler Ford.
Updated May 15 by Marcin Pacyga.

Is there a way that appworks can pass on it's authentication to a windows authentication based web app? For example, a user logs into ECM Everywhere with there username and password and then the click on a link within that app that takes them to an external web app, say a SharePoint site. Is there a way that the authentication from appworks(it's using AD) can pass on the credentials to the SharePoint site without the user having to log in again?

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If you aim for getting the Windows-based SSO, you would configure both OTDS and SharePoint to use IWA in the same AD. Instead of passing the authentication from one site to another, you would let each application get authenticated. (The former is not possible OOTB, unless you establish some trust between them.) The IWA will takes care that you won't see the login dialogs if the Windows session is trusted.

The above configuration works for CS+OTDS and SharePoint. I don't know about ECM Everywhere, but if it uses OTDS for authentication, I would expect that OTDS-based SSO works the same there.

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