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Not able to access Process Suite web services.

Posted Apr 09 by Suresh Bandlamudi.
Updated Apr 10.

I'm making an application to consume the Process Suite Web Services. The steps I have done are as follows

  1. Installed AppWorks.
  2. Installed Process Platform (10.7)
  3. Deployed Process Suite REST Client into AppWorks(Copied the BPMService.war extract into TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/webapps).
  4. Updated pointing to Process Platform
  5. Created an App with the code to login and to call a service. The Code is as follows
    JavaScript Code

<code>(function ($) {
<br/>// Keep strict JavaScript standards
<br/> "use strict";

var request = new XMLHttpRequest();&lt;br/&gt;;POST&quot;, &quot;;, false );&lt;br/&gt;
    var samlartifact = request.responseText;&lt;br/&gt;
$( '#error-msg' ).append( '&lt;div class=&quot;error&quot;&gt; Login Respone:' + samlartifact + '&lt;/div&gt;' );&lt;br/&gt;
var xmlrequest=&quot;&lt;GetTasksForUser xmlns=\&quot;\&quot; merge=\&quot;true\&quot;&gt;&lt;User&gt;cn=dev,cn=organizational users,o=system,cn=cordys,cn=OPC_10_6_7,;/User&gt;&lt;Type&gt;UI_TASK&lt;/Type&gt;&lt;Parameters&gt;&lt;Parameter name=\&quot;showOnStartPage\&quot; value=\&quot;true\&quot; /&gt;  &lt;/Parameters&gt;&lt;/GetTasksForUser&gt;&quot;;&lt;br/&gt;

request = new XMLHttpRequest();&lt;br/&gt;;POST&quot;, &quot;;, false );&lt;br/&gt;
request.setRequestHeader(&quot;SAMLart&quot;,samlartifact); &lt;br/&gt;
request.setRequestHeader(&quot;Content-Type&quot;,&quot;application/xml&quot;); &lt;br/&gt;
$( '#error-msg1' ).append( '&lt;div class=&quot;error&quot;&gt; Method Respone:' + request.responseText + '&lt;/div&gt;' );&lt;br/&gt;

}).call(this, jQuery);

  1. When I execute this App, I'm getting the SAMLArt in the response but when I execute the second request, I'm always getting "The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect."

I tried even the same from SOAP UI, there also I'm getting same issue. Could someone please help me to fix this issue?

I referred following links

  1. Invoking Process Suite REST API
  2. Process Suite REST API Reference

Thanks & Regards<br/>

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