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Correct status codes in API calls (OTCS)

Posted May 15 by Matthew Barben.
Updated May 15.

Hi There, I was wondering if it was possible to get more expressive status codes from Content Server when making API calls. For example making a call to a node that does not exist would better served with a **404: Not Found** instead of [more]

Last activity Feb 06 by Andy Dennison.
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Category Set/Update/Read/Remove

Posted Dec 16 by Matthew Barben.

It may have already been thought of and already in development. But the the ability to Set/Update/Read/Remove the categories on a document via the Content Server API would be incredibly useful. I can think of several use cases where I would [more]

Last activity Jul 15 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Archive Server API? Archivelink API

Posted Mar 06 by Matthew Barben.

I have run into a couple of scenarios where by we need to declare a document in Content Server as an ArchiveLink document in SAP (with the resulting 'final' document being stored into Content Server via ECMLink). Within Archive Server there [more]

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