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Category Set/Update/Read/Remove

Posted Dec 16 by Matthew Barben.

It may have already been thought of and already in development. But the the ability to Set/Update/Read/Remove the categories on a document via the Content Server API would be incredibly useful.

I can think of several use cases where I would want users to either access the metadata on an object or update that metadata. At the moment with the lack of a search API I can't even retrieve documents with a particular category set.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for your feedback! We are working hard to delivery more capabilities in our REST API. We are targeting these features in the June 2014 update of Content Server 10.5 and Content Server 10.0.


@Chris Have you guys released the new set of REST API as you mentioned in your comment (June 2014) ? where can i get the new list of REST API available to CS 10.0 (update 13).

I'm looking for REST API to get list of projects involved by a user, is it available already or will it be available soon, please let me know.



The API references will be published on this site as soon as they are available, which should be within the next couple of weeks.




The REST API update will be delivered "very soon" - I probably shouldn't be promising any date anymore :-)

You'd probably wish for something like /projects?where_leader=1000 but there is no project-specific resource in the updated REST API. I can think about two possible workarounds:

  1. Prepare a saved search query which would list such projects. There is a resource executing the saved queries and returning the search results in the upcoming patch. A sample of the URL: /search?templateid=29393&limit=10&page=1.

  2. Use faceted browsing. But it might be too clumsy to be feasible. The query cannot be prepared in general; the available facets should be enquired for specific container first and I'm not sure if the "user involved" is a built-in facet. A sample of such URL: /nodes/2000/nodes?limit=10&page=1&where_facet=3109%3A202.

  3. Extend the REST API yourself. Probably the least helpful option. You'd be more efficient with your delivery when using the SOAP WS…

If we had a resource executing the LiveReports, it could cover many analysis scenarios, but it might need some performance and security considerations before this is exposed.

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