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OAuth 2.0 Authentication with OTDS 10.5 Patch 6

Posted Jul 30 by Pete Oliver.
Updated Aug 11.

This article details how to configure OTDS 10.5 Patch 6 as an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server and walks through an example scenario where access to a RESTful API is authorized with the OAuth 2.0 Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant.

Last activity Jun 05 by Gaute A.
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TempoBox(Content Service.log) Error

Posted Apr 28 by Sreenivas Munagala.

I have noticed this error in TempoBox(Content Service.log),Did anyone seen this error before?

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How to call OTDS REST service using JAVA

Posted Mar 17 by Moorthy Shanmugam.

Please share the JAVA class to call OTDS WebService for OTDS Ticket

Last activity Mar 17 by Moorthy Shanmugam.
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Posted Dec 10 by Vamsee Krishna Polu.
Updated Dec 13.

Last activity Dec 13 by Vamsee Krishna Polu.
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Adjusting OAuth 2.0 Token Life Times and Revoking

Posted Jun 14 by Pete Oliver.
Updated Jun 15.

This article details how to configure OTDS 16 (and OTDS 10.5 Patch 6 and onwards) with customized Access Token and Refresh Token life times. It also shows how to revoke user's OAuth 2.0 tokens.

Last activity Jun 15 by Pete Oliver.
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